Yummy Thai Fish Cake Recipe

Thai Fish Cake Recipe

Thai Fish Cake Recipe Thailand is famous for various delicacies. Thai dishes are well-known because of the various amazing dishes originated here. Thai Fish Cakes are one among them. This is one of the very common street foods of this country. It is the best to be eaten during the cold seasons. Thai Fish cake is considered to be one of the best fish cakes throughout the world.

You can get a fresh aroma and taste of various spices and herbs along with the wonderful fish cake. This is the best to be to eaten along with rice. Along with rice and Thai fish cake, you can have a little Thai sweet Chilly sauce, chopped tomatoes and cucumber, lemon and also a little fresh coriander.

All these ingredients would enhance the taste of this fish cake. Fresh fish would be the best to prepare this dish. There are various versions of Thai fish cake. Here is one such version and a standard one that is preferred by many people.

Preparation time – 15 minutes
Cooking time – 10 minutes
Serves – 4 people


500 grams of any white fish fillets
About 5 lime leaves cut into tiny shreds
4 teaspoons of coconut milk
2 teaspoons of fish sauce
Half teaspoon cumin powder
Half teaspoon Chilli powder
Quarter teaspoon coriander powder
Half teaspoon brown sugar
About 4 sliced green onions
Little chopped ginger
About 4 pieces of garlic
2 red sliced chilly
Refined oil for frying


1 Tomato
1 cucumber
4 to 5 Slices of lemon
Fresh coriander
2 to 3 teaspoons of Thai sweet chilli sauce


1. Wash fish thoroughly and make sure it does not have any moisture. Cut it into good pieces and use a food processor to chop it well.

2. Take a big bowl and combine various ingredients like coconut milk, fish sauce, Chilly powder, cumin powder, coriander powder and brown sugar. Mix it well with the well chopped fish.

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3. Also add the other ingredients like lime leaves that are cut into tiny shreds, sliced green onions, chopped ginger, garlic and sliced chilly. Mix all the ingredients well and make a very thick paste.

4. Take a small amount of paste and make round balls out of it. Pat it on a plate in the form of a good small cake. This has to be about 2 inches in diameter and an inch thick. Continue to do the same with the remaining paste.

5. Refrigerate it for about 15 minutes and later place it in hot oil and deep fry. Make sure it does not absorb oil. If the paste is wet, make sure to mix a little rice flour or breadcrumbs and fry it. After the fish cakes turn golden brown, take it out and drain it.

6. Before serving, make sure to add chopped cucumber and tomatoes and a drizzle of Thai sweet chilli sauce. Also squeeze a lemon over it and a little fresh coriander. This makes a good garnish and would look beautiful and would taste wonderful.

Thai Fish cakes are ready to serve! This is sure to be loved by your friends and family.