Yummy Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and Chips Recipe Fish and chips is a battered fish that is deep fried and served with chips. It is an easy to make and speedy to cook fish recipe with good taste. It’s a healthy alternative for junk food as it reduces the cholesterol due to the omega 3 fatty acids present in the fish. Fish also contains good quantum of selenium, iron, phosphorous, calcium; vitamin A and vitamin D. Fish and chips should be served after sprinkling with salt and vinegar.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Total time: 45 minutes


Flour: one and quarter cups
Salt: one teaspoon
Beer: one and quarter cups
Egg yolk: one
Oil: one tablespoon
Four potatoes: Peeled and cut into half inch slices
Oil: sufficient for deep frying
Fish cut in to serving size pieces: any firm white fish of about one and a half to two pounds
Salt and pepper to taste
Egg white: one
Flour: one cup

Directions to Make Fish n Chips

Beat egg white till it forms stiff peaks and keep aside. Soak the slices of potatoes in cold water and reserve them for baking.

Get a large bowl and sieve one and quarter cups of flour in to the bowl along with one teaspoon salt. At the center of this flour, make a well and add one and quarter cups of beer, one tablespoon oil and egg yolk. Beat the egg yolk, beer and oil well and mix them with the flour. Whisk the entire contents till it becomes smooth and keep this mixture for about half an hour.

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Preheat the oven to a temperature of about 200° F and add oil to a deep pot fryer and heat to a temperature of 365 to 375° F. Drain the potatoes that were soaked in cold water and pat dry them. Thereafter add potato slices in batches to the oil and take care to put only one slice of potato at a time to the oil as this helps to avoid the sticking of potato slices. Fry the potato slices till they become brown and drain them to a paper towel lined pan and keep the pan over oven itself to keep them warm. Before adding the next batch ensures that the oil is at proper temperature.

Now get the fishes and season them with pepper and salt. Now gently add the beaten egg white to the prepared batter and mix well. Get one cup of flour in a large bowl and keep aside. Dip the fish fillets in the flour, one at a time to get a coating on all the sides. Shake off the excess flour on each fillet and keep them on a plate without touching each other.

Dip the floured fish fillets in batter and slowly drop them in to the hot oil one by one. Fry the fillets till all the sides become brown and then drain out of the oil. Fry fish fillets in batches and fry them to get a uniform color on all the sides. Keep the fired fish fillets in preheated oven by the time you finish frying the remaining fish fillets.

Serve the chips and fish with tartar sauce, vinegar and salt sprinkled on top. It tastes good, if English ale is also served along with this. This recipe will be enough to make four servings.