Wonderful Treatment For Dry Baby Skin

Dry Baby Skin

Dry Baby Skin Baby’s skin is very delicate and less oily as compared to adult skin and is less resistant to harmful substances and harsh environmental conditions. Babies can also have dry skin as their skin is more susceptible and delicate.

This is because during the initial period of pregnancy baby is covered completely with amniotic fluid and the baby will have a coating of this amniotic fluid immediately after the birth as well. However, when exposed to the unfamiliar external environment, the patches and redness start to appear on the skin.

Many conditions such as outdoor air, cold, summer sun, salt water, air condition, chlorine water, room heater etc. may remove the moisture from the baby’s skin. Even though dry skin is relatively harmless, at times it leads to discomforts for the baby and can even lead to serious skin conditions if left untreated.

Ways To Get Rid of the Dry BabySkin


Daily bath removes the natural oil from the baby’s skin and makes the skin drier. Hence, it is not necessary to bathe your baby daily, rather do that once in two days. Also avoid the bubble bath which steals the moisture from the skin.

Use warm water for bathing instead of hot water and cut down the bathing time to ten minutes. Instead of the soap use a fragrant free and soap free cleanser and apply moisturizer soon after the bath.

Make sure that the moisturizer contains no perfumes and harsh chemicals. This helps to lock the moisture that the skin absorbed during the bath and will help to maintain the skin’s supple.

Bath Baby

Moisturize the baby’s skin at least twice a day and if the skin still remains dry, switch to a thick cream. Adding a few drops of baby oil to the water is also a good idea for keeping the skin supple.


Keep a vaporizer or humidifier in the baby’s room, as it increase the moisture level in the room and keep the baby’s skin moisturized.  Also ensure that the room is not too hot or too cold.

Washing Baby Clothes

Wash the baby’s cloth separately and avoid using fabric softener and laundry soap for washing clothes. This is because detergents may irritate the baby’s skin and makes them dry. Instead of detergents, use baking soda and tea tree oil to wash the clothes.

Washing Baby Clothes

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Cotton Clothes

Use only cotton cloths on your baby as synthetic and woolen clothes irritate the skin. Moreover, cotton clothes help the skin to breathe. Similarly try to use cloth diapers and change them whenever they are wet. Disposable diapers are also fine, but care should be taken to change every time it gets wet or soiled.

Rinse out the Chlorine or Salt Water

Whenever the baby is exposed to a beach or pool water, rinse his/her body thoroughly with tap water and apply good moisturizer all over the body.

Hydrate the Baby

Allow the baby to drink lot of water especially if he/she is formula milk fed. This helps to replace the lost moisture from skin due to evaporation.

Dry Baby Skin

During winter cover the baby’s hands and legs with gloves and socks, while in summer manage to keep the baby out of the sun and ensure that you have applied a very good moisturizer on the baby while going out. If the baby continues to have red rashes, consult a dermatologist to rule out the possibility of eczema.