What To Expect When You Are 6 Months Pregnant?

So, you are already half way through your pregnancy? 6 months of carrying that little precious thing (or things, in case you are carrying more than one baby) in your womb is a feat in itself. Braving those sessions of morning sickness, battling fatigue & that heartburn is not something everyone can do on a daily basis.

What To Expect When You Are 6 Months Pregnant

You deserve that pat on your back lady! Although the delivery date is still good 3 months away, probably the feeling of being a mother has already sunk in.

What Body Changes to Expect while you are 6 Months Pregnant?

By this time most of women are done with morning sickness and that eternal fatigue. You will feel more energetic and those compliments on your glowing skin and thick hair would make you feel in even better. Unfortunately that thick hair wont adorn you head only, you might see them growing everywhere cheeks, back, lower chin, upper lip etc. Damn! These pregnancy hormones! Thankfully doctors allow waxing till very last day of your delivery, so don’t be disheartened go get that beauty treatment done and look like a million bucks. You might also experience what is called as Braxton hicks contractions, which make you body and baby, ready for real ones. Body wise, you could be putting on a pound or half, hopefully by intake of potassium and calcium rich food.

morning sickness

How is your Little one Coming Along?

While you are having a gala time showing off your skin and hair, you little one is busy developing his lungs and gaining more pounds. Not only can he kick you much harder but also he has developed a keen sense of hearing. He can hear your heart beat, the sound your body makes while inhaling and exhaling, your stomach growling for that extra cheesy pizza and words that come out of your mouth while you are angry. So, be careful about what you want your little one to listen. Right time to sink in that cosy couch and hearing you favourite music, you have a company now.

How is your Little one Coming Along

6 months Pregnant: Pre-natal Classes

This is right time to sign up for pre-natal classes. They would teach you little things about child birth, breast feeding, a few light exercises and a chance to meet mommies who are going through these wonderful changes like you. you are confused about which one to join, you could definitely ask your doctor who can give a useful insight.

Pre-natal Classes

Symptoms you shouldn’t Ignore if they Still Persist at 6 Months of Pregnancy

Severe vomiting or heartburn, bleeding, giddiness such extreme conditions should be reported to your doctor immediately. Premature deliveries are very rare but still a possibility at this stage, so make sure your doctor is communicated every little tale of discomfort. Having said that, 6 months pregnancy period is delightful, you are looking good and feeling good about yourself. Make sure you live this moment to its fullest. Pamper yourself to silly, eat to your heart’s content, have those lovey-dovey moments with your partner and take adequate rest.

Symptoms you shouldn’t Ignore if they Still Persist at 6 Months of Pregnancy