Herbs And Spices That Can Be Added To Baby Foods

herbs and spices for babies

herbs and spices for babies Being a parent comes with its share of joys and perplexities for each new mother and one of the major worries that most mothers have is what to feed their babies when they introduce solid food to them. It can be a tough job trying to make babies eat; even for them you must introduce some variation in regular food so that they do not get bored.

It is natural for many mothers to wonder if they can add certain spices or herbs to their baby’s food. The answer is yes, there are certain herbs that you can let your baby eat after they are at least 8 months old and have a strongly growing digestive system. If you are unsure then you should discuss it with your doctor and then gradually introduce herbs and spices to your baby. If the baby takes a liking for it then find new ways to incorporate them into meals.

Which Herbs and Spices are Safe for Babies?

Add a Hint of Garlic

Garlic has a strong pungent taste and it adds a flavour to whatever you may cook. For a baby take very little garlic, make a paste and simply add the paste into the food.


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See how your baby takes it and if he/ she likes the taste. Since a baby’s digestive system is delicate you must wait at least 4 to 5 days before feeding him any other spice. If his body receives it well you can go ahead.

Oregano to Increase Flavour

The aromatic flavour of this herb is not something that only adults can enjoy. It is also safe to be consumed by babies and the wonderful aroma of this Italian herb can make the blandest food come alive.


When you feed your baby rice or pasta, lightly sprinkle oregano over the top for a delicate flavour.

Pepper for a Dash of Taste

Pepper is a spice that can add a distinctive punch to any food. Just make sure that you do not go overboard with it.


Even if you are feeding the baby a soft boiled egg a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper can make it taste great and the baby will enjoy it.

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Adding Turmeric for a Healthy Twist

Turmeric is a spice that not only adds a distinctive flavour but also is great for the digestive system.


Especially when you are preparing food for younger babies (8 months or more) you can add half a teaspoon of turmeric into the pulses while it is being cooked for flavour and health. If you have access to other Indian herbs and spices you can use cumin as well for the same benefits as turmeric.

Rosemary for a Delicate Flavoring

When you start introducing babies to meat you need to flavour the poultry lightly so that it tastes good.


Before cooking it you can toss it in some pepper and rosemary so that it incorporates the flavours. Your baby will enjoy the beautiful aroma of this herb as well.

A Few More Herbs that You can Try

Earlier most parents had this notion that babies can only have bland and tasteless food, however with changing times this notion has changed as well. When you add good spices is moderate quantities they can taste good and also be beneficial for the baby’s health. You can also feed the baby ginger, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, vanilla, basil and thyme. However when you are introducing solid food and spices to babies always talk to the pediatrician first. You must know if the baby is allergic to anything before trying new food.

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