Ways To Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly The kitchen is the most important part of any household. We want it to look beautiful and function efficiently. For this we use different material for decorative purposes and invest in a lot of electrical appliances for easy convenience. But, do you realize how much wastage of energy and resources is being done in your traditional kitchen?

With the changing times, we have become aware that we need to go green as well, and save our environmental resources. Do you wish to have an eco-friendly kitchen? You don’t even need to go through a full remodel or even spend a ton of money to make a difference. Get started and go for alternatives that are environment friendly.

Best Ways To Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Everyone knows the importance of recycling, reusing and segregating waste into dry and wet. Apart from these, you could go out for these options to create that eco-friendly kitchen you would be proud of.

Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Counter Tops

Most traditionally used materials for kitchen counter tops, such as granite and marble, are not eco-friendly. You can opt for recycled glass, aluminum, and paper to end-grain bamboo without sacrificing on style.

Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Counter Tops

Getting green kitchen counter tops will be the proverbial icing on the cake, fetching you great compliments from your friends.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Check out the Energy Star symbol when buying a new appliance for the kitchen. These products are more energy efficient and help save on electricity consumption. A well-stocked fridge draws less power than an empty one. Learn such ways of saving on power while using your energy efficient appliances.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Check out the products before buying and select environmentally friendly, natural products. Most kitchen cleaning products contain harmful chemicals which are washed down the drain and finally get mixed in water bodies or get absorbed by the soil. Instead, use natural products like lime, vinegar or baking soda. Use the harsher stuff for really difficult to clean material.

Good Quality Range Hood

Good Quality Range Hood

Clean you range hood regularly so that it helps proper ventilation. An unclean hood will cause less ventilation, kitchen gets hotter and this results in higher cooling costs. Get a good quality, energy efficient hood for your kitchen.

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Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are a little expensive than conventional ones, but in the long run they do save forty to seventy percent power. They are much more efficient than electric or even gas rangetops.  As they become popular and with the increase in competition, the prices will definitely wall further.

Use Efficient Lighting

Use energy efficient fluorescent bulbs instead of those incandescent ones, and you will find yourself saving a lot of energy. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), help save more energy as they create less heat and use less energy.

Use Efficient Lighting

Go ahead and replace those bulbs with these. A very natural solution to save energy is by having natural light pouring in. Go for skylights as they are a cheap option to save power.

Say No To Plastic

Plastics are cheap and convenient, but we all know how harmful they are to the environment. They are also harmful to our body as plastic can leach into the food from the storage jars and into the drinks from the bottles. Get ceramic, glass or stainless-steel containers and store water in stainless-steel water bottles. Keep your family safe from these harmful chemicals. Plastic is just not eco-friendly!

Follow these ideas to make an eco-friendly kitchen your whole family will be proud of and to get that feeling of satisfaction that you are contributing to the green cause.