Ways To Boost Sexual Desire In Old People

Usually young and middle aged people are seen consulting doctors for their loss of sexual desire and we take it for granted that old people do not have any right to nurture any kind of sexual desire.

But this is totally wrong. Sex is meant for each and every age from teenage to old people. Many times old people have been seen consulting doctors to boost their sexual desire.

Ways To Boost Sexual Desire In Old People

As we all know that sex is not something related to sexual organs, it has everything controlled and mastered through the biggest sexual organ that is the brain. So what if the sexual organs and the body strength in old people is not as much as when they were young , if they are young and desire sex in their brain then nothing like it .

You will be shocked to know that now even the scientists have started researching the reasons why male species start losing sexual desire and fertility because women are bound to lose the sexual desire after certain age due to menopause.

When the old age arrives the sexual instincts automatically get lowered and the sexual organs are also unable to respond that quickly to any sexual advance.

Changes In The Physical Appearance

With the onset of old age there are many physical changes in the body like greying of hair, baldness, weak eye sight, loss of hearing power and wrinkle son the skin which make the face unattractive. But in men the desire to have sex still remains as the production of sperm is always there.

But in case of women they lose all their sexual desire after certain age due to menopause and they are hardly interested in any kind of sexual desire. Whereas the case is totally opposite in case of men, they still get attracted to women and want to have sex.

In order to keep that sexual desire ignited it is advisable that men should follow a healthy routine in their everyday lifestyle. They should eat balanced and nutritious diet and along with that they should do some physical work outs according to their age like walking and some yoga asana.

This will maintain their body physically and keep them young at heart. The second mantra to boost the sexual desire is to stay tension free; at this stage of life they should try and leave all the tensions behind and live life king size.

It is found that all those men who follow these two rules have greater sexual desire than the men who are lethargic and eat unbalanced diet throughout their life. Undernourished men who are devoid of happy environment around them have hardly any sexual desire in them be it old or young men.

Changes in the Physical Appearance

Presence Of Sperms In Old Age

In a research done by Dr. Kinsley and Khurrey in America it has been found that  60 % of men above the age of 60 have hardly any sexual drive left in them rather they are not able to do any kind of sexual intercourse.

It was also found that the men who are sexually  very active  during young age have some sexual desire left when they get old and they have are able to perform sexual intercourse very well even at old age too.

It is also found that very few men after the age of 60 maintain their sexual desire and most of them lose it willingly. Although it is proven that men keep on producing sperms even at the age of 90 also, it is just that the sperm count is very minimal at this age.

Then this suggests that if they want they can maintain their sexual desire on their own. So it is all in their mind, because the presence of male sperms at the age of 90 suggests that sexual desire and intercourse capacity is still there at this age.

Even doctors say that in old men the fertility reduces due to sperm count but the formation of sperms does not stop at all, while in case of women menopause causes loss of sexual desire as the ovary stops producing ovum.

But then too it is found that women who are sexually active before menopause are supposed to be attracted towards sex after menopause also. This means that even if we get old there can be the sexual desire if we think about it.

Presence of sperms in old age

Enlargement Of Sexual Organs In Men

If any old age person complaints of any sexual problem then the first thing we should take notice of his sex organs. If the sex organ gets enlarged then men in old age suffer from hyper activity in sex.

This happens when men stop having sexual intercourse very early then their sexual organs get enlarged and after 50 years of age they start suffering from this problem.

Enlargement of sexual organs in men

Effect Of Healthy And Nutritious Food On Sexual Desire

All those men and women who eat healthy and nutritious diet for long have enough sexual desire in old age. So eating a nutritious and well balanced diet since young age is necessary to stay sexually active in old age too. Older couples should eat a balanced diet which should be rich in proteins and calories.

It hardly matters even if the portions of the diet are small. In Ayurvedic medicines it is suggested that drinking milk is very beneficial for sexual desire in old age. If you will drink milk mixed with some ghee and mishri then it is the best way to boost your sexual desire.

Effect Of Healthy And Nutritious Food On Sexual Desire

Natural Herbs For Boosting Sexual Desire

Since in old age we would not suggest Viagra, it can be harmful, it is better to be natural try these herbs like Gingko Biloba, Ginseng or Dong Quai etc. Gingko biloba helps in improving the sexual desire in both men and women by relaxing the mind.

Ginseng tea is available and as a herb it is used to treat many sexual dysfunctions in the old people so it can also be used.  Dong Quai is a natural herb which is used in treating various sexual problems in women and that is why it is also called ‘women’s herb. Arginine also called ‘Nature’s Viagra’ is also very helpful in boosting the sexual desire in both men and women.

Natural Herbs For Boosting Sexual Desire