Vintage Home Decor Ideas To Deck Up Your Home

Designing your dream home in vintage style may not be as expensive as you think if plain creativity and imagination are put into interior styling. Adopting vintage home décor ideas can make your home a reminiscent of your grandfather’s house, and will add more intensity and depth.

Integrating beautiful vintage pieces in an artistic manner is the best and most popular way to create vintage home décor. Vintage pieces with history and character can add an interesting atmosphere to the interior, and even can be mixed with modern home furniture pieces.

Exquisite living space can be crafted using vintage items, which need not essentially be furniture pieces. Items like an old butter churn, vintage pottery or a wrought iron table can make a huge difference in the interior style.

Adorn Homes With Vintage Items

Vintage-inspired items and décor can add an altogether different character to your interiors and give a feeling as though you have traveled backwards in time to a different period. Decorating with antique and vintage pieces is an art. Flea markets are the best place to get great-looking vintage pieces at cheap/affordable prices.

Fabrics play an important role in giving your house a vintage look. Calico prints and old cabbage roses are great in creating a retro look. Oil cloth can add vintage character to the interior. Oilcloth tablecloths and cookbooks covered in oil clothes can be displayed in kitchen. Grain bag patterns, terrycloth towel with the crocheted buttoned handle are some other vintage favorites.

Antique cookbooks, colored canning jars, gallon butter churns, wire egg baskets, vintage salt and pepper shakers etc are some vintage pieces that can make your kitchen classic looking. Keeping colorful candies in transparent vintage jars can add lot of vividness to your kitchen. Antique aprons can be hung in the kitchen, which is a nice way of reconstructing the vintage kitchen effect.

Living room with a fireplace is an easy way of giving vintage character to your house. Displaying retro crockery items (often with rose motif) on wall in a disorganized and decorative fashion can add lot of charm to your living and dining room.

Making collage of old black and white photos is another technique of adding character and nostalgic look to your interior. Treasured family heirlooms, if any, should be given pride of place in your living room.

Old sofas and chairs can be covered in slip-covers with floral patterns. Pastel period colors are the best shades for your living room wall.Patterned wall paper can be used to enhance the authentic vintage appearance.

Antique game boards framed as wall art is another great way of recreating the vintage look.Vintage style lamps with colorful floral lamp shades can brighten up the space by adding vintage character.

Some of these vintage pieces can be repurposed into something lovely and this will ensure that these pieces are unique with no one else having the same piece. The wonderful world of vintage is filled with the thrill to hunt.

Embracing things of the past without sprucing them and creatively cohabiting things of different ages to offer a fresh new look are the key to creating authentic vintage home décor.

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