3 Vintage Baby Nursery Ideas For Mothers

Vintage Baby Nursery Ideas

Your baby’s nursery plays an important part in your little one’s life. It is the place where you nurture your baby and watch him/her grow. Thus when you decide on the theme of a baby nursery you must be practical in your approach and settle for something that complies with your tastes and something that can be transformed easily with your child’s growth.

A pink or a blue baby room is very popular and usually chosen by most couples. However if you want to be different and artistic when it comes to designing a nursery for your baby you can opt for a vintage style décor. It is classic, timeless and elegant in its appeal.

Vintage Baby Nursery Ideas For Mothers

Choosing The Wall Colors And Decorations

Wall Colors For Vintage Styled Nursery

When it comes to vintage décor you have great scope for experimentation. You can choose between eclectic wallpapers and soothing pastel shades for your walls. Do a background research on the bygone era’s and settle for something that you find tasteful and right for your baby’s nursery. Old Victorian styled wallpapers and patterns in pastels can look artistic and inviting. Add strokes of your own imagination and add interesting elements. Posters from old films can adorn a particular wall especially if they are in keeping with the theme of the nursery. Adorn the walls with retro plates and heirloom things that your mother has passed on to you from the family. Pictures of your kids and pictures from your own childhood can be added to the walls for that warmth needed in a nursery. Add old toys like vintage teddy bears and vintage Barbie dolls to a nursery table to reiterate your vintage theme. You can use a vintage rattles and cloth dolls around the nursery.

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Choosing The Furniture

Furniture For Vintage Styled Nursery

Choosing furniture for a vintage styled nursery can be nothing less than an adventure. If you love old antique furniture then visit a good antique store for some great pieces. Your baby’s crib is the most important piece of furniture, so make sure you purchase a sturdy crib. They can be elaborate and ornate in keeping with the theme of your room. Or you may find an antique crib in your house as well. Talk to your mother or grandmother to find out if they have any antique baby furniture in their heirloom which they can pass on to you. Not only the crib, you may find other interesting pieces in an antique or a thrift store. A bassinette from a few decades ago can be perfect for your nursery. A warm and cozy English armchair can be the great addition to the nursery where you can bond with your baby. An Oakwood cabinet cum a changing table will look lovely with a classic vintage theme.

Fabrics For The Nursery

Fabrics For Vintage Styled Nursery

If you want to go vintage, you have to use a lot of laces and crochet for your nursery. Use lots of frills and curls to the curtains when you go retro. Dress up the windows and the doors with flowy curtains made of delicate lace. For the baby’s bedding, you can use a lot of floral and. Mix and match it with the tones of the nursery and use a lot of frills when you make pillow cases and other beddings, vintage and floral make a bright and vibrant combination. Use different patterns in floral on the crib and on the armchair or even for the curtain. Keep the shades muted and make generous use of pastels. Use different patterns and fabrics to make the nursery look warm and inviting.

Vintage Baby Nursery Ideas For Mothers