Various Treatments For Hypertension

Treatments For Hypertension

Treatments For Hypertension Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. There are many various alternative treatments available for hypertension. Doctors suggest that people having hypertension should eat up a low saturated fat diet, full of nutrients like carbohydrates, minerals and proteins. Wheat flour, green vegetables, pulses are good nutritious supplements. They must try out various relaxation tips like yogasana and massaging techniques that help to lower the blood pressure and control hypertension.

The first step that doctors ask you to do is follow a good DASH diet. DASH stands for ‘Dietary approaches to stop hypertension’ diet. It is a special diet plan recommended to hypertension patients. Doctors suggest you to not consume dairy products that are rich in fat, try to add grain products like wheat, fish and sea foods to your diet and avoid red meat and sweets. Sweets are very rich in calories.

Herbal Therapies for Hypertension

many of you don’t know that certain herbs have a wonderful property to cure hypertension. But they are not known to many people because herbal therapies have not been studied deeply. Several herbs like tetrandrine; snakeroot etc. can be used in combination with the usual medicines of hypertension. However, some herbs that can increase the blood pressure must be avoided. For example, licorice, yohimbine etc.

Many Types of Drugs are Available in Different Brands for the Treatment of Hypertension

Alpha Blockers

Alpha blockers treat hypertension by lowering the blood pressure. They interfere with the transfer of messages to certain parts of the body. These drugs act as a blockage for some chemicals in the body by getting attached to the molecules of the receptors that work as receptors to those chemicals.

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Alpha blockers work on alpha receptors that are observed at blood vessels in the prostate. It is usually prescribed to take these medicines at bed time. Some common alpha blockers are Terazosin, Doxazocin etc. Renin inhibitors are useful drugs for the treatment of hypertension. They obstruct the enzyme Renin from initiating a process that raises the blood pressure.

Thus, it widens the blood vessels and relaxes them. As a result, blood flows into the blood vessels easily and pressure is not exerted on the heart. These drugs can be prescribed alone or in combination with some other medicines. They have few side effects. It is advised not to stop taking this medicine until the doctor asks you to do so.

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Combination Medications

Combination medications are being subscribed to people having the problem of hypertension because they are low in cost and they reduce the number of pills that a patient takes. Sometimes only one drug cannot control your high BP. In that case, the doctor increases the dose of the drug or prescribes you some other drug. This problem can be solved by combination medications. They prove to be the best for some typical patients who have a very high blood pressure accompanied by a number of other health problems.

For example, when diuretics are used as combination medications they produce fewer side effects. Diuretics can be used with beta blockers. If the patient with high BP retains fluid; diuretics may be added to his medicines. Sometimes, beta blockers and alpha blockers are combined together to achieve far better results.

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