6 Various Remedies To Relieve Strep Throat

Remedies To Relieve Strep Throat

Strep throats are either bacterial or viral infections. It may be a viral infection such as common cold or flu or a bacterial infection like mycoplasma or strep. In some cases, it may occur because of an allergy or cigarette smoking. Strep throats are usually irritating and painful. The pain worsens when you swallow the food.

The strep throat usually passes in two- seven days. Bacterial infections may be cured by antibiotics but viral infections cannot be cured by medicines. There are many home remedies to treat viral strep throats. However, if there is no noticeable improvement then it is advised to see a doctor immediately.

Several Remedies that Help Relieving the Strep Throat

Proper intake of Fluids

Proper intake of Fluids

Avoid having foods that are too hot or too cold. Drink a lot of fluids especially when you are having high fever. Adults may suck hard sweets, lozenges and ices cubes. Nothing works better than salt water gargling. Gargle at least thrice a day. Salt is a very good antiseptic and clears water from mucous membranes. Add one tea spoon of salt in 1 glass of warm water and then gargle and spit out. You may use baking soda in place of salt.

Humidifier Helps a Lot

Humidifier Helps a Lot

Try to run a humidifier in your room that adds moisture to the surroundings and does not allow the air to get dried. It will not allow the lining of your throat to become too dry. It gives you relief from hoarseness. In case, you don’t have a vaporizer, you may use a pan of water to maintain moisture in the room through evaporation.

Prevent Tobacco

Avoid cigarette smoking

Avoid cigarette smoking when you are having a strep throat. Do not do second hand smoking and refrain from tobacco products. It will prevent the irritation in your throat. If you experience the problem of a strep throat every now and then, try changing your toothbrush every month. It is advised because bacteria accumulate over the bristles of toothbrush and may cause infection.

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Mineral and Diet

Mineral and Diet

Take a nutritious diet and add more minerals to your diet. Take supplements of zinc, magnesium, vitamins and herbs like Astragalus, Echinacea and Goldenseal that boost your immune system. Consume foods like reishi mushrooms and cook meals with ginger- garlic supplements. Garlic possesses antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics and fights against bacterial germs. Take vitamin C and E thrice a day to boost the immunity of your body.

Herb are Helpful

Slippery Elm

There are certain herbs that help you fight off bacterial infections in the throat. A few examples can be horehound, marsh mallow roots and slippery elm. Prepare a tea from any of these herbs and drink it four- five times a day. Put two tea spoons of dried herb in water, boil the mixture for a few minutes, and then stain the extra water and drink. These herbs contain mucilage that cures the hoarseness and removes the extra lining of your swollen throat.

Honey Soothes your Throat


Honey can be a useful strep throat solution. It speeds up the healing process and cures swelling because it is an excellent osmotic, hypertonic in nature. It absorbs the extra water from the swollen tissues and thus reduces the swelling. You may prepare a mixture of lemonade and honey. Mix half a lemon in lukewarm water and add one tea spoon honey to it. All the above mentioned remedies and solutions when followed sincerely help in relieving the issue of strep throat.