Various Asbestos Clean-up Procedures

Asbestos is a material that is used mostly for industrial purpose. According to some historians its use began since the first century and thereafter its popularity has increased.

During the industrial revolution, it became more popular. However the gradual and large scale increase in use of asbestos has revealed facts which are alarming. Asbestos is very harmful and cause deadly diseases such as lung cancer, pleural plaque, mesothelioma and asbestosis. Officially the first case of asbestosis was recorded in the United Kingdom in 1924. 1930 onwards the use of asbestos kept on expanding, particularly for industrial purposes. After the 1970s the use of asbestos and asbestos products were regulated by the OSHA (occupational safety and health administration).

The biggest problem with diseases caused by asbestos is that after exposure to asbestos dust or asbestos flake, a person can be affected by it but the problem shows up after a period of 10 to 40 years. Therefore, the latent period of diseases caused by asbestos is very high. To avoid being affected by asbestos several methods are used which are effective and useful. Various asbestos clean-up procedures are available that can save us from the deadly diseases caused by asbestos.

Method Of Asbestos Clean-up

Before cleaning up an area, it should be kept in mind that certain precautions need to be taken before the cleaning procedure starts. If you are cleaning an enclosed area where asbestos work have been done, always keep in mind that all forms of ventilations need to be jammed. This is to ensure that during the cleanup process asbestos flakes do not escape the room through the openings in the room. Contamination of air with asbestos is not desirable at all.

Or else asbestos flakes will spread to another part of the room or area where no work with asbestos has been done. Before you start the cleanup do not forget to use protection. You can use a mask to prevent inhalation of asbestos dust. It is also suggested to cover the furniture’s and other important accessories with plastic sheets before you start the cleanup. This prevents the asbestos flakes from sticking to the furniture’s and other useful products after the cleanup is complete and then polluting the air again.

Wetting asbestos before cleanup is a good idea. It prevents the asbestos dust from mixing in the air. However you should be very careful while you wet the asbestos as in doing so you may disturb the flakes that may escape into the air. Asbestos should never be drilled or broken into pieces as it generates a lot of dust which further contaminates the air.

Asbestos Clean-up Equipments

Without the asbestos cleanup equipments you cannot clean an area. Workers who clean up an asbestos affected area should always wear mask. This is the best line of defense that can be used by the workers. A full face mask is the best option where the level of contamination is very high. The mask will prevent the asbestos dust from entering the lung through the nose. In other cases of low contamination a filter will be useful enough for the purpose. Personal protection equipments are also required. A protection jacket is essential for asbestos cleanups. It ensures that asbestos flakes do not cling to the body after the cleanup is complete. Furthermore one should also were boots and hats for extra safety.

Various Asbestos Clean-up Procedures

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Decontamination is an essential part of asbestos cleanup. Hiring a decontamination unit can be a little costly but not as costly as your life. It helps to clean any asbestos flakes that may stick to the protection jacket, boot or hat that one wears during the cleanup. One should also get trained for using the cleanup equipments in a proper way. Otherwise the user may end up harming himself while using the equipments. one should also hire a professional who will provide the necessary training in using the cleanup equipments.

Clean-up Costs for Hiring Equipments

The cleanup procedure involves a lot of equipments which can vary depending on the area a person is cleaning up and also on the level of contamination. A full face mask will cost around $80 to $100. The use of face mask is a mandatory and therefore expenditure on face mask is unavoidable for all forms of asbestos cleanup. Another important requirement is the Cat. It is a plastic suit which is used by the workers while cleaning up an asbestos affected area. It is very useful and protects the body from asbestos flakes and dusts.

It will cost around $150. Use of a decontamination unit is also compulsory. Without a decontamination unit the area you want to clean up will not be 100 per cent free from asbestos dust. If you hire a decontamination unit for a week it will cost you around $300. Other essential but cheaply available goods are warning posters which will warn people to stay away from the area you are cleaning up. This are the compulsory expenditures one will have to incur for asbestos cleanup.

Asbestos Clean-up Services

Professional asbestos cleanup services are available all over the United Kingdom and are very popular. It uses the right method for the removal of asbestos flakes and dusts from where ever it may be situated. However this is not the only service available these days. There are other services such as encapsulation, and demolition services. Encapsulation is a little traditional method of asbestos cleanup. However this is just a short tem solution where the asbestos affected area is enclosed with wood boards or anything of that sort.

It is a very cheap technique and will render help for a short period of 3 to 4 years. Due to its short term effectiveness the technique has become obsolete to an extent. Demolition services are better than encapsulation. In this method a site is cleared off asbestos and then the buildings in the site are demolished. There are companies available that provide demolition services. This technique is used mostly by the industries.