Useful Vegetable Gardening Tips For Beginners

vegetable gardening tips

vegetable gardening tips Planting your own garden can be a delightful and joyous hobby. Besides, it has its own benefits as well. Considering the unchecked use of pesticide and chemicals to produce vegetables one can never be sure if one is eating right or not.

By growing your own vegetables you can be safe and enjoy the fruits of your labor without worry. It may seem to you that starting and managing your own garden is tedious and a time consuming process but with some gardening tips and guidelines you will realize that gardening can be a wonderful experience.

There are a few gardening tips that you must be given that will prepare you for growing your own vegetables.

How much space

A lot of people believe that you need a really large space to start cultivating. The first gardening tip then would have to be that you do not necessarily need a large space as vegetables can be grown even in small beds or containers.

If you do have a backyard it would be nice to utilize it. A space of about 300 sq. feet would be sufficient to grow enough vegetables to feed a family of four. However, if you are just beginning we would suggest you to start with something small and maybe later you can expand.

What to Grow

What you grow does mainly depend on your needs. Grow what you require and like eating, it would be of no use if you can’t enjoy the produce of your own garden. However, as a gardening tip it is always advisable to find out what is most suitable to grow in your climate and region, as, if you start with growing something exotic there is a chance you may fail. Therefore as a gardening tip it is advisable to stick to something simple, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and radishes are great choices for beginners.

Plan you Garden

This is an important gardening tip as planning your garden will help clear things out for you. As a gardening tip it is suggested that you decide what areas of the garden will be designated to what plant. This will help you to figure out the logistics of your garden and give you a rough idea of the produce you can expect.


It is important that you find the right spot to locate your garden. Consider the natural factors. For your vegetables to grow healthy your garden needs a sufficient amount of sunshine, at least eight hours of sunshine are required daily.

vegetable garden plans

However, if all your attempts to find the perfect sunny spot fail consider this gardening tip. Use the shaded part of your plot to grow leafy crops like lettuce or other root crops like carrots as these can grow with lesser sunshine. In the very sunny spots you can choose to grow peppers, tomatoes and beans.

The next gardening tip is to make sure that you do not have too many trees growing around your garden. This is because tree roots suck up a lot of water and this could deprive your garden of precious water. You don’t want them overshadowing your garden either.

Also, consider the wind patterns in the area. Wind is detrimental to your garden’s health as it can damage your crops and also dry them out. A helpful gardening tip is to make sure you have some sort of barrier that can cut off the wind like a building etc. If you don’t have any other option then build a fence to keep your crops protected.

Another important gardening tip is to make sure you place your garden close to a source of water as this makes it easy to water your crops.

Soil Condition

The soil is extremely important to your garden’s health. For preparing your garden first make sure you remove all the weeds, rocks, gravel and other such debris. A gardening tip that should be followed is to use a rake for this as it will help you smoothen out the surface besides cleaning it.

At the time of preparation you must aim to make your soil loose and smooth. The soil should be loamy and have depth so that the roots can penetrate deep to gather nutrients. One thing you must make sure is that the soil is rich in nutrients and organic matter. As a gardening tip it is suggested to improve the organic content in soil using compost or manure.

Soil Condition

Compost is good for your garden as it improves fertility, texture and drainage of the soil. Another thing to remember is to make sure the soil is well drained so that excess water received during the monsoons has a way out. Make sure the subsoil too is not hardpan, gravelly, hard shale or deep sand. Another important gardening tip is to check the acidity of the soil as some crops require an acidic environment and some require an alkaline environment.

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Arranging Crops

An important gardening tip you must consider while arranging your crops is to plant them in rows. These rows should be planted from north to south and if possible maintain a gap of 2 feet between each row. The crops should be arranged such that the tallest crops are at the back and they should move size wise to the front gradually.

To make sure your crops grow in one row use garden twine tied to sticks to guide them. Gardening tip: Different crops need to be arranged differently so make sure you find out about this before planting the seeds. For instance radishes need to be planted in rows those are about 4 inches apart whereas zucchini seeds can be planted freely in an area of two square feet.

When to Begin

There is a sowing time for each crop. The instructions are generally given on the packet of seeds. So an important gardening tip is to make sure you sow the seeds at the right time for best results.


After your garden is ready, to be able to enjoy a good harvest, you need to make sure you maintain it. There are various gardening tips people will give you and the most common one will be to make sure you water the garden regularly and sufficiently. Use compost and fertilizers to boost the growth of your crops. An important gardening tip would be make sure to trim weeds as these can stifle your crops’ growth. Also use Mulching as this helps in retaining valuable moisture.

Having a garden is not only a lot of fun but also healthy. Use these gardening tips to cultivate your own and enjoy the healthy fruits of your hard work.

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