Useful Tips To Date Women

how to date a women It is widely acknowledged universally among the male community that “Women are hard to impress!” and it indeed is true. Women look for a million things in a guy and it’s often a mammoth task for any man to impress and please a woman. While all men try to accomplish this task, only very few emerge as winners. In fact it is considered a significant achievement if a guy even manages to procure the company of a pretty woman.

Sadly most men fail to keep this company for long as they do not succeed in impressing the woman on the first day itself and hence lose the benefit of any charm that the woman might have seen in him earlier. The simple trick for wooing a woman on the very first date itself is to stay true to the basics that work well when it comes to impressing the flower-like females. We are providing here a few tips that will surely help you go a long way with your beautiful date.

Tips To Date Women

Dress Your finest!

Appearance makes for a major proportion of your first impression on the woman on the first date. So throw off that ruggedness and put on your finest shoes. Go out to a salon or do it at home yourself but make sure you look well groomed and appear your finest best on the date.

Don’t wear anything too loud; just wear something simple, elegant and sophisticated that makes you look every bit a gentleman. Also wear a subtle fragrance that impresses her the first moment she comes near to you.

While accessories do look good but they can be a disaster if you go overboard with them. Or if you are not an expert at accessorizing, then a simple wrist watch is enough. Also pay nice attention to your hair as a man’s hair is often his best asset.

Comb and style your hair in the most impressive manner and you’ll surely woo her. While your hard work might or might not transform into desired results, your date will surely appreciate the efforts that you’ve put in for her.

Be On Time

Remember, the ladies love the men who value their precious time. So be very careful that you don’t spoil your chances at having a lovely first date by making her wait for you. Not only is it advisable that you reach the venue on the decided time but if you want to really impress her, be the first one to reach the venue and make her feel royal when she arrives.

how to date a women

A simple yet beautiful red rose will add both blush and smile to her face and she will start glowing the moment you’ll welcome her with a cordial handshake and a rose.

Tease Her A Little

Most women immediately sense nervousness and fear in men on the first date and that definitely doesn’t make for a good first impression. So time to put all that fear and nervousness away and take charge with your boyish charm and sweep her off her feet.

Be yourself and yet show her how much you want to listen to her. Keep the atmosphere light and it’s not a bad idea if you entertain her with a few quirky jokes and incidents. Make her have the time of her life with you!

Compliment Her

It is the world’s worst kept secret that women love compliments from men and often dress to impress men only. So instead of making her feel as if you didn’t notice her or do not appreciate her beauty, be generous with compliments and make sure you make her feel special and beautiful.

However be cautious and don’t go overboard. Compliments are appreciated only when they are genuine and spontaneous. Others only put a woman off.

Talk About Her Interests & Passions

Talk About Her Interests & Passions

While it’s nice that you talk and tell her about yourself, it’s even more important that you make her express herself to you. Turn your wit on and encourage her to tell you about herself. Let her see how curious you are to know her interests, dreams and what she likes and dislikes. Also tell her about your interests. Subtly hint at her your good aspects but never lie as you might have to pay for that later.

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Don’t Hint At Sex

Women know that men love sex and they know they have the beauty, charm and the appeal to drive men crazy. However it’s time you surprise her a little and tease her. Do not mention or hint at sex at all and it’s bound to drive her crazy. She might then herself take the initiative!

Surprise! Surprise!

Women love surprises and yes they do love them every bit especially if they are totally unexpected and come from a man. There are a lot of things you could do to surprise your date and make the experience the most cherished one for her as well as for yourself. And you don’t have to worry about the surprise for you can do anything that she least expects you to do.

Plan a surprise getaway or a surprise venue exclusively decorated for her. Dedicate her a song or play one on guitar for her yourself. Pamper her and surprise and she will surely fall for you head over heels.

It is not important that the surprise be on grand scale or it be something expensive, lavish or grand. What’s important is that it should ooze every bit of your love and affection for that is what will make the surprise most effective.

Be Polite, Well-Mannered And Compassionate

Politeness is a virtue that every woman appreciates in a man and looks forward to it. So be your polite self on the date and even if you’re not so polite by temperament, make sure your behavior and manners don’t exude impoliteness.

Most guys think that barking around orders and getting into fights shows their manly qualities and impress a woman but that is not true and a major myth. While a woman would love that you fight for her but she will also admire if you be polite and compassionate towards others.