4 Useful Makeup Tips For Teenagers


Makeup Tips For Teenagers

Teenage is a rather interesting and complex time of one’s life. Besides going through turbulent emotional changes the urge to grow up and look beautiful is also prevalent. If you are interested in makeup and its intricacies then you can start playing around and experimenting with makeup.

As a teen it can be difficult getting it right while keeping it gentle on your skin. So here are a few tips to help you get it right when you have your first tryst with makeup.

Useful Tips On Makeup For Teenagers

Keep It Simple Minus The Foundation


Being a teenager your skin is still protected and shelled from the effects of harsh chemicals so keep it that way. Do not apply foundation and bases to your mild and gentle skin. Your skin is beautiful by itself so a gentle moisturizer is enough to make your skin glow! So stay simple and look beautiful.

What Should You Use On Your Lips?

Lip Makeup

Lipstick and loud colors on the lips can make you look too garish. So keep it light on the lips. A clear gloss or a muted flesh lip gloss is ideal for that tiny hint of glimmer. For the evening you can go for a clear and sparkling gloss for that glamorous look. If you feel that your lips look discolored then add a pink or peach gloss first and then add a layer of clear gloss to make it look ultra glossy. Do not experiment with colors like red, maroons and browns. The natural look is ideal for your age.

Eye Makeup Tricks and Tips

Eye Makeup For Teens

Your eyes are known as the windows to your soul, so you can safely play around with your eye makeup. If you have a friend’s birthday party to attend or some other events you can do up your eyes. For your eyes you can use natural tones. Pink and blue will help bring out the color of your eyes. As you are young you can try experimenting with a pop colors once in a while. A hint of yellow will make you look even more vibrant! Pink and purple hues are ideal colors for teenagers as well as light pastel shades like beige, mint green and lemon yellow. Once in a while you can apply mascara to open up your eyes. However there is a great alternative to mascara as well, simple curl your lashes using an eyelash curler and then dab on loads of Vaseline to make your lashes glisten and make your eyes look bright.

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How To Use A Blush


If your skin is prone to acne and pimples then it is best that you steer clear of using any cosmetic products on your face. You can try applying a concealer first and then dabbing on some peach blush for that rosy glow. To keep the look very natural take a pink or peach blush and apply it with gentle light strokes on the cheeks for that fresh dewy look. If applied the right way blush can help you look radiant and glowing all the time.

What You Should Never Forget When Using Make Up

If you have sensitive skin then do not use cosmetic products. Rather try using natural and homemade make up items. Always remove your make up before going to bed. Your skin is vulnerable so keep it protected from any damage at such an early age. Moisturize and cleanse your face daily to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Cleanse Your Face Daily