Useful Tips On How To Read To A Baby In The Womb

Useful Tips On How To Read To A Baby In The Womb

Useful Tips On How To Read To A Baby In The Womb Expecting mothers may be experiencing a mixed feeling of the impending motherhood while coping through various physical and emotional adjustments. Joy and apprehensions ride side by side during pregnancy and would be mothers have to make new adjustments during the entire period of pregnancy.

Women become more aware of their new responsibility, and they gradually develop an emotional bonding with the developing fetus as the term progresses.  Let me put a question to the expecting moms. Have you ever thought of reading out to your baby in the womb? It may sound weird and silly, but there are some beneficial aspects of reading to a baby in the womb. Both parents can develop a unique bonding with the unborn by reading to the developing fetus; it’s bound to be everlasting even when he/she grows up to a matured human being.

Which is The Right Time to Read to a Baby in the Womb?

Doctors strongly opine that after 5-6 months of pregnancy, the developing baby in the womb is able to receive external stimulus that helps to create a special bonding with the mother. Reading to a baby in the womb need not be restricted to would be mothers only. Fathers too can spare 10-15 minutes a day to do the enjoyable job. Moreover, it also strengthens the bonding between the partners as many women go through emotional upheavals during this period.

Steps to Read to a Baby in the Womb

Reading to a baby in the womb is not at all a tiring task as it requires few minutes a day. This turns out to be more enjoyable as the baby kicks and moves as if responding to what is being read out. You may be wondering about what to read and how to read to a baby in the womb.

1.    Select Children Stories or Rhymes

Select interesting fairy tales or nursery rhymes to read to your baby in the womb.

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The rhyming words of the nursery rhymes have a long lasting effect on the child’s memory that is beneficial for him in the future. Select short stories and rhymes and read out loudly to your growing baby. There is no harm if you continue with the same story or rhymes for some days.

2.    Select the Right Place of your Home for Reading

Select a peaceful and tranquil space at your home while you read to your baby in the womb. Too much noise and distractions will not allow you to concentrate on the reading. Read out in a peaceful and relaxing manner and not in a hurry just to finish off a task.

3.    Adopt an Interesting Style of Reading

Maintain the clarity of your voice and adopt an attractive tone while you read out to the baby in the womb. Impart your feelings and modulate your voice accordingly as you recite a rhyme or read out an exciting fairy tale. Your baby will not understand the words and their meanings, but will follow the rhythmic tone and melody of your voice. Remember the tone you enjoyed as a kid when your mother or teacher read out stories and rhymes for you. Talk to your child in between reading as this will help to establish the bonding with him/her.

Few Things to Remember

Invite other members of your family to join this reading session especially the elder siblings. They too will learn sharing and welcome the newborn heartily. Reading to the baby in the womb does not mean that it will go a long way in memory development or academic performance. Remember that it is the preliminary step of establishing a bonding with the newborn before he/she steps into an unknown world.