Useful Tips On How To Fight Hair Loss Of Your Kids

Hair Loss Of Your Kids

Hair Loss Of Your Kids Hair loss is not a problem that only affects adults. Children can suffer from hair loss too because of a number of reasons.

Children suffer from the loss of hair due to a number of reasons such as diseases, erratic eating habits, emotional issues and even environmental causes. There are also some other serious diseases such as diabetes which may also lead to hair loss among children.

Each day we tend to lose a few hairs naturally. Even children lose a few strands every day and it is normal. However, if you notice that your child tends to lose a lot of hair each day, then chances are that your child is suffering from hair loss that is beyond what is normal. In case you see that your child is losing a lot of hair, then you should consult a pediatrician immediately regarding this matter.

While the loss of hair in children can be worrying for you as a parent, it is not something that can not be treated. However, before the treatment for hair loss can be carried out, it is important to identify the factors leading to the loss of hair. The following article will elaborate on the various causes of hair fall in children and also suggest treatments for the same.

Different Factors that Lead to Hair Loss

The following points will deal with the various factors that cause the loss of hair in children.

Eating Habits

One of the most common causes of hair fall in children is an irregular or unbalanced eating habit. Children require a number of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins during their developing years. Hence, if these nutrients and proteins are not supplied sufficiently through the diet of your child, then he or she can suffer from excess hair fall. The lack of minerals especially leads to increased hair loss because minerals stimulate the growth of hair.

The lack of proper nutrition can be very harmful for your child. Nutrients and minerals feed the hair follicles that ensure the growth of hair. Therefore you should make sure that your child receives a balanced diet containing sufficient amounts of minerals and nutrients which help to sustain the growth of hair.


Children are often made to take certain medication for a variety of reasons related to their health. If your child is also supposed to take these medications, then you should keep a watch on the occurrence of hair fall in your child. This is because the ingredients contained in certain medicines may lead to the thinning of hair and also the loss of hair. Especially, medicines and drugs that contain isotretinion and lithium result in increased hair fall. These substances are contained in medicines for acne and bipolar disorder.

If you find that the medications that have been assigned for your child contain these substances, then you consult your child’s doctor to make sure that there will be no side effects such as hair loss.  Although in few cases, for treating more severe a problem, you have to use those medications in spite of knowing their side effects.

Emotional and Psychological Problems

Children can often suffer from certain psychological and emotional issues. These problems can put an undue amount of pressure on your children and is another cause of hair fall in children. One such specific psychological problem is named Trichotillomania. If your child suffers from this condition, then it will make your child pull and pluck at his or her hair leading to hair fall. This is an obsessive compulsive disorder that leads to patches of lost hair on your child’s head.

hair loss in kids

Another such psychological issue is tricphagy which makes children tear off and eat their hair. Psychological problems in children need to be handled with care. Hence, if you notice any such symptom in your child, then you should consult a doctor immediately and may be even a child psychologist in order to deal with this problem.


If your child is suffering from any disease, then he or she may also suffer from the loss of hair. Diseases make your child’s body weak which leads to the loss of nutrients, proteins and minerals from your child’s body. This is also among other causes of hair fall in children. For instance a hormonal imbalance in your child may lead to increased loss of hair.

A very common disease among children is the presence of ringworm in your child’s scalp which is known as tinea capitis. The existence of ringworm causes an infection which leads to the loss of hair in children. There are various other such diseases that lead to the loss of hair from your child’s head. You can consult a doctor regarding these infections and diseases and find out methods to deal with them.

Causes Related to the Environment

Last, but no the least, environmental factors may also be among the causes of hair fall in children. For instance, if you live in an area that has a lot of pollution then it may lead to hair loss in your child. Certain pollutants, minerals and metals that are contained in water such as chlorine may also lead to hair fall in your child.

If you live close to a petroleum refinery or a mine, then the release of certain chemicals like selenium may cause hair fall. In such instances, you have to make sure that your child is protected from these polluting substances as much as possible.

Hair Styles

Certain hairstyles such as artificial straightening, perming and so on can harm the hair follicles leading to the loss of hair in your child. These hair styling procedures contain chemicals that damage your child’s hair. Also, if your child’s hair is pulled backwards tightly, it may also lead to hair fall due to the tension that is caused.

Once you have identified the cause of hair loss in your child, there are various ways of treating it such as antifungal shampoos, applying minoxidil and cortisone and so on. However, you should consult your child’s pediatrician before administering any treatment by yourself.