Useful Tips And Ideas For Country Home Decor

Country Home Decor

Country Home Decor While decorating homes a lot of people choose to go in for country home décor. It is warm, comfortable and reminds one of those simpler and more relaxed times. Country home décor in this day and age must be done in such a way that it does not come across as tacky or gaudy, but instead it must seem like it effortlessly blends into your space.

Country home décor has that rustic charm which is extremely inviting to your senses, but to create that homely feel you must make sure you incorporate the decorative with the functional.

Country home décor today does not only mean luxurious furniture, tapestry etc. but it must also take into consideration the fact that the house must be a livable space and not a museum. This means less fuss, lesser cleaning, lesser dusting and lesser worries about things falling over and breaking. Country home décor in these times therefore must be organic, fresh and at the same time intelligent.

Let us consider how you can use country home décor in various parts of your house. Make sure you do not try to do this by just accessorizing, as to capture the true feel of country home décor you need to incorporate it in your plan from scratch, from the layout and design to the choice of color.

The kitchen

The kitchen is that area in your house where everyone generally ends up congregating. So the kitchen must be designed in a manner that allows movement without disturbing the person cooking. The kitchen also has a lot of potential for country home décor and can really help achieve that country feel.


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The kitchen should have a warm, cozy feeling. Choose softer but earthy tones for painting your walls. If you want you can also choose two different but harmonious colors on opposite walls. For the country home décor style you will have to make sure that the cabinets in your kitchen are definitely made out of wood. The ones with a nice, dark polish work best.

For the floor try avoiding bright tiles, instead again choose earthy tones like brown, beige or brick red. If you have old furniture which you may not need, set it up in the kitchen. Either give the furniture a coat of varnish or get it painted. Cane stools or chairs also work nicely in kitchens. Copper or brass vessels can be used as they fit well with country home décor. For curtains gingham checks are perfect for giving the country home décor look. Make sure the light in the kitchen is adequate without being too bright. You can use wrought iron or brass-finish light fixtures to create the feel of a country home. Also get a lovely wooden door for the kitchen.

Dining Area

The dining area is another place where the family will meet regularly. Also, when guests are over you will spend a lot of time here. Therefore you want to make sure there is no clutter and the layout allows easy access.

Dining Room

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While choosing a color for your dining area try to make sure it complements the kitchen. Use a rectangular, wooden table that has a rich texture. You can use a gingham tablecloth to capture the country home décor look or use a table runner if it is a long table.

You can put a nice wooden cabinet or dresser near the table which can hold and display your finest china. Try matching this cabinet either with your walls or the wood finish on your table. If you will buy furniture that is straight out of the factory it will not have the rich tone that is needed for country home décor. Instead try finding something old and restore it. Use a nice porcelain vase filled with fresh flowers to complement your country home décor feel.

The Bathroom

Try to avoid too many steel fittings in the bathroom for a country home décor. Use a different color in the bathroom in comparison with the other parts of the house.


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Pastels will work nicely here. Place a mirror with a strong wooden frame above the basin and put up some nice paintings on the wall. You can experiment with the color of the towels in the bathroom to complement the walls or even white works just fine. If you don’t want wooden flooring, use tiles instead, but with earthy tones. Wicker baskets add that authentic touch to country home décor. These can be used to hold bathing products and towels, they can also be used as waste paper bins.

Living Room

The living room is where you can incorporate a lot of your country home décor ideas. This space is meant to be relaxing and generally where the family unwinds and shares a few laughs.

The Living Room

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While doing up your living room in a country home décor style remember the idea is to keep comfort in mind. Therefore what would be central to the room would be a nice, cozy couch. You would want a couch that fits your country home décor style. Floral designs would work well on these couches or anything that captures the country feel. You can really experiment with cushion covers to create country home décor. A wooden chest, a rocking chair in a corner and maybe a nice rug on the floor all add to the country home décor.

Nothing says country home décor like wooden flooring in the living room. Cabinets in the living room should again be wooden with a nice simple finish. You can use a little bit of brickwork inspired design in your walls as this also creates the feel of country home décor, however, do not overdo it. Make sure the light is soft and diffused. Use some nice lampshades.

The Bedroom

Have a large wooden bed that is cozy and comfortable. Use wooden cabinets or a chest of drawers to store stuff. A nice lamp on the bedside table would add to the country home décor look. You can use bed sheets which have colors or designs inspired by nature and use curtains which allow a certain amount of light in, giving it a dim glow.


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While paying attention to different rooms keep a central theme in mind that connects all the parts of your house or else it will seem like one big hotchpotch. Source out furniture from old shops or garage sales as this kind of furniture would fit better with country home décor. Let your own personality come across in the house as well. If you like travelling and collecting things then display them, it is important your house has a certain amount of character. More importantly select things you are comfortable using as eventually you want your house to feel welcoming more than anything else.

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