Useful Shopping Tips To Buy Clothes

Useful Shopping Tips To Buy Clothes

Useful Shopping Tips To Buy Clothes Shopping for clothes gives you a high and especially when you are going to shop for yourself. Shopping for clothes is really exciting and with the variety and styles available these days one tends to go overboard while buying clothes.

Some of the excitement may wear off and turn into regret when you see the bills and you may realise later that some of the dresses were a wrong buy. To avoid the risk of spending more than you had planned or buying garments that do not suit your style, you can follow the given tips before you go on a shopping spree the next time:

Do Your Homework

When you are going to shop for clothes, you should check your closet and make a list of garments that you need to buy. You must be clear about the purpose you are buying clothes for. Like if it is a routine or seasonal shopping then your list of item will be different and if you are shopping for an occasion like a marriage or festival or any other such event then you must plan accordingly.

If you are buying regular clothes for summer or winter then you should check out the trends and fashion of the season. But do not buy anything just because it is the latest style, buy a dress to suit your personality and body. You should survey the market before purchasing a garment. Take your time to try the dress that you like, check out the price and compare it with what other stores are offering. These days you have the advantage of various garment stores being under the same roof in a mall.

You should have a rough idea about the clothes you want to buy. You can take the help of a sales boy/girl, who can guide you to the right place for what you want. This will help you to save a lot of time and it will also keep you focussed on your purchase.
Try to avoid heavy sale items as they can be outdated or defective. If you want to avail discounts then you should go to genuine sales. You should go through the sales policy carefully.

Plan Your Budget

You should plan your budget according to the purpose for purchasing a dress. Make a rough estimate about how much you want to spend and try to stick to it. Shopping for clothes can be very tempting and you can easily get carried away while going through the variety and range of dresses.

You can plan your regular wardrobe by mixing and matching different clothing items. Like you can buy more than one top with one pair of jeans or buy one skirt that will go with different kurtis or tops.

Buy neutral colours such as black, denim blue, beige or white for your pants, slacks or skirts and you can match a number of colourful formal and informal tees, kurtis or shirts to go with them. This way you can add variety to your wardrobe while spending less.

When you are buying a formal dress it is better to plan early. Decide what you want and how much you want to spend in detail. Last minute shopping can result in overspending and you may buy a wrong dress because you are short on time. Avoid impulsive buying as you may end up spending more then you had planned and you may also buy clothes that you don’t even need.

Buy Quality Items

Shopping for clothes should be an investment. Buy clothes that are durable and that will last for more than one season. Apart from the design and style you must keep in mind the quality of the material. Ask the salesman about the fastness of the colours and shrinkage of the material. If the shopkeeper is not vouching for these things then you should not buy that particular piece.

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If he is giving you a guarantee for colour and material then ask him about their return policy. Some shops do not return the cash but give you a credit voucher while others give you a stipulated time period to exchange or return the garment.

You should always try what you want to buy to save yourself from the hassle of making repeated trips to the market. Wear a comfortable dress that is easy to take off and on, when you go for clothes shopping. Wear footwear according to the type of dress you want to buy or carry a formal pair of footwear with you when buying a formal dress to get the right look.

Check the zippers, fasteners, elastics and buttons on the garment. They should be made of high quality material to last long. You should check the side seams also and if you find any loose ends get it repaired from the shopkeeper before paying for the dress.

Check the fitting of the dress properly in standing, bending and sitting positions. Do it in front of a three way mirror and be honest with yourself before deciding to buy the dress. A dress should be comfortable as well as stylish to save you from feeling awkward.

Buy a dress that fits you and suits you at present. Do not buy anything to keep it for future use. If you want a second opinion ask someone who can genuinely help you to accompany you. You should not buy a dress thinking that you can alter it to fit you. You can only adjust the length of readymade garments, anyother kind of alterations can spoil the whole effect.

Check The Maintenance Instructions

You should check the directions for laundry care of the garment. Sometimes a particular dress needs only dry cleaning or it should be hand washed. You may not want to spend money on dry cleaning for a regular dress. You can ask the sales boy/girl about the type of detergent to be used for the material. Certain materials need to be washed in liquid soaps or some clothes need to be machine washed only.