Useful Facts And Tips On Hair Coloring

Useful Facts And Tips On Hair Coloring

Useful Facts And Tips On Hair Coloring Hair colors are considered very trendy these days. In addition to being provided with the option of coloring their hair in different shades, people can also choose for attractive features like highlights and streaks that would make them look more chic and presentable in social circles.

However, hair colors can turn out to be drastic mistakes if they are not done and maintained properly. So if you are getting your hair colored for the first time, here are some facts and tips you need to know about the basics of hair colors.

Choosing the Right Shade

Not every hair color would suit every individual. While fair skinned people can pull off any hair color with ease, dark skinned people need to weigh their options before choosing a particular color for their hair. Accordingly, here are some factors you would need to consider while choosing an appropriate shade of hair color for your first venture.

Skin Color

As mentioned above, the color of your skin can to an extent guide you in choosing an appropriate color for your hair. If you are fair skinned, then you can opt for a myriad of colors, both light and dark. Being fair skinned also entitles you to the opportunity to experiment with different colors before choosing one.

The best hair colors for moderately skinned people would include shades like cook brown, ash blonde, champagne etc. Colors like burgundy, violet or blue tint would look good on dark skinned people. Then again, if you have dark eyes, you can experiment with dark red, copper or brown shades of hair color.

Avoid using shades of red and gold if you have fair skin with a reddish tinge to it. These colors would make you look more flushed (redder) than normal.

Coloring or Highlighting

Decide as to whether you want to color your hair completely or just highlight it at places. Depending on this decision, you can opt for hair colors that would well with the same and accentuate your hair better.

Natural Hair Color

When you are coloring your hair for the first time, it is always recommended that you stick to a shade that is similar or close to your natural hair color. This would leave minimum or no room for mistakes, with the chances of recovery being comparatively higher than if you color your hair in an altogether different shade or color.

Accordingly, if you have dark colored hair, it is advisable that you go for shades of brown, copper or red. If you have light colored/pale hair, you can opt for shades of golden blond or champagne.

Sometimes, the color that you choose may not end up as expected. This might be due to grey hair which would actually disturb the coloring process and alter the end results to an extent. In this case, it is recommended that you go for a patch test wherein you color a small portion of the hair and check the results before deciding to color the rest of your hair with the same shade.

Clothes That You Wear

Choose a hair color that stands out in sharp contrast from your clothes and you could end up becoming the laughing stock of the entire town! For your clothes would also to an extent, complement your hair and its color.

And so, as and when you decide to color your hair, go through your complete wardrobe and ascertain the colors of the clothes that you wear on a daily basis. Although you may have different colored clothes, if you notice properly, you would tend to realize that most of your clothes would belong to either a category called warm colors (consist of colors like red, pink, yellow, orange etc.) or cool colors (consists of colors like black, violet, blue, green, grey etc.).

Accordingly, if the majority of your clothes belong to the cool category, you can opt for shades like burgundy, black, ash blonde and platinum etc. for your hair. On the other hand, if most of your clothes belong to the warm category, then you can opt for shades like sandy blonde, auburn, golden brown and mahogany etc.

Hair Color Types

Temporary Vs Permanent

There are a myriad of hair color products in the market which promise you different results. You would need to choose a product based on your specifications and constraints. Accordingly, if you want to color your hair just for a few days, you would need to opt for a temporary hair color that would fade away automatically after a few days.

Useful Facts And Tips On Hair Coloring

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Permanent colors are as the name signifies, long lasting and hard to remove. So be absolutely sure about your decision when you opt for a permanent hair color.

Here are some of the more common hair color types you would need to take note of before opting for them.

Permanent Hair Colors

Hydrogen peroxide is an essential ingredient in these hair colors and help to lift the hair color. Results are long lasting or permanent.

Semi Permanent Hair Colors

These hair colors also contain Hydrogen Peroxide, but in comparatively smaller quantities. They generally help to vary the natural tone of the hair, making it either lighter or darker. Results are temporary, ranging up to a few washes.

Semi Permanent Vegetable Colors

Completely natural, these hair colors are made from vegetable extracts and help to alter the tone of the natural hair color. Again, the results are temporary and range from 5 – 8 washes.


Coloring your hair is just the first step. You need to maintain your tresses properly in order to retain the color and texture of your hair. Here are some of the more important factors you need to consider when maintaining colored hair.

Reduce shampooing sessions to once or twice a week. Opt for shampoos that have low pH levels. Apply conditioner after bathing to retain the texture and shine of your hair. Don’t blow -dry your hair after a shower as this would leave your tresses dry and lackluster. Alternatively, you can operate your blow-dryer in the cool mode to avoid damage due to heat.

Opt for oil massages (with hot olive oil or hot almond oil) once every week to retain the moisture levels in your hair. Tie a hot towel around your head after every oil massage. Shower after 15 minutes.

You can also go for a hair spa treatment regularly (once a week) to retain the hair color for longer periods. Refrain from combing wet hair as this would damage both the color and the texture of the same.

Other Tips

Professional Advice

It is always recommended that you get your hair color done by a professional the first time. This would enable you to learn the process from a trained individual, and repeat the same with minimum mistakes later on. Again, it is also advised that you opt for a professional treatment every fourth time you color your hair.

The Presence of Ammonia

Almost every hair color product would contain ammonia as an active ingredient. Ammonia helps the color to stick to your hair by opening the hair cuticles and allowing the color molecules to enter the inner layer of the hair (cortex). If the product does not contain ammonia, then it would not stick to your hair and would come off after just a single wash.

While the presence of ammonia helps the color to stay on your hair for longer periods, you need to note that the same ingredient can make hair dry and brittle.

When to Color Hair

Opt for hair coloring sessions after you wash your hair. This way, the natural oils present in your hair would protect the same while enabling the hair color to stay on for longer periods. It is also advised to give a gap of about six weeks between consecutive hair coloring sessions.

If you have applied any natural hair colors to your hair (like henna), then you would need to wait until they wear off completely. And that would essentially be a period of about 6. Failing to do so would yield unfruitful results with the color fading away as soon as you wash your hair.