Use Sound Therapy For Good Health And Overall Wellness

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy Cultures all over the world use sound to invoke, attune to and transform consciousness. Sound has come up as a powerful tool, especially because of its vibrational nature. Moreover, all of us know the power of music, spoken words, sung melodies and chants. Sound does not only have the power of moving us into deep states of desolation or ecstatic states of rapture, it also has a property is being enhanced or amplified and perform as a catalyst to deeper wisdom, insight, growth or transformation.

Sound Healing essentially involves listening to certain frequencies that improve health of both the ears as well as the brain. Sound has the ability of stimulating the brain and auditory pathways, thereby improving auditory processing and reducing stress, insomnia, fatigue and tinnitus. Those who have undergone Sound Healing or sound therapy have reported better concentration, learning, focus and memory, balance and coordination, academic performance, relief from vertigo and dizziness and a general feeling that their brain is sharper than before and communication is also smooth.

Sound Healing Defined

Sound Healing is a skilled and conscious use of sound energy to reach identified goals and encourage wellness in human system. The therapy was founded on the premise that everything in the world is vibrating at some specific frequency. Because of this, vibration or sound also has a very strong effect or impact on every matter. Scientific studies have proven that sound is even capable of changing the water’s molecular structure. Several studies have shown how certain frequencies of sound can bring positive change in consciousness. In fact, clinical psychologists are using Sound Healing methods to treat learning disabilities in children. There are doctors who are finding resonant frequencies of organs so that the organs can be vibrated back to a healthy state.

How it Works?

Rafaele Joudry and Patricia were the first to develop sound healing therapy based on studies and discoveries of Dr Tomatis, an ear specialist. According to them, sound therapy involves the use of a unique listening system, keeping in mind various aspects of brain. In fact, portable self-help programs are available these days that can be used by anyone and everyone, just about anywhere.

The self-help programs contain specially recorded programs that are used to stimulate the brain and re-energize listening capability. Sound Healing methods stimulate the ear by constantly presenting alternating sounds of both high and low tone. This causes re-mapping of the brain, thereby improving hearing and understanding process. The brain also sends signals back to the ear because of which the function of brain is also improved. A feedback loop is also created, which helps in better performance of ear muscles and enhancement of receptor cells.

Sound Therapy For Healing

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As the ear and brain both become active due to reception of different sound tones, the blood circulation in brain increases along with an increased electrical activity. Due to this, those undergoing Sound Healing therapy experience reduced fatigue, improved creativity, improved focus, relaxation, peace and reduction in sleep requirements.

Sound Healing self-help program requires use of listener’s workbook and ultra light music headset player. The program does not take much time and it’s very easy to follow. In fact, those who have undergone Sound Healing therapy have reported that they get extra 3 to 4 hours a day because of the reduction in need for sleep.

How To Use Sound Healing Self-Help Program?

Using a specifically engineered headset player, you can make use of this therapy. Use of speakers are not allowed, you must only use earphones or headphones. Using a portable player is recommended so that you can move around while listening to the sound. The therapy takes not more than 30 to 60 minutes and you can do it while performing your daily activities or while going to sleep. In order to achieve significant results, you need to use the program for a minimum of six weeks.

Although most of the time, this therapy can be played at extremely low volume and it does not interfere with your daily activities, but specific instructions are provided in the book that comes along with the self-help program.

Benefits of Sound Healing

The outstanding technology of Sound Healing has been designed keeping in mind affordability, accessibility and ease of use. The therapy has potential health benefits including relief from stress and tiredness, increased vitality, increased sense of well-being, deep relaxation, increased creativity, increased mental capacity, increased energy, increased performance, relief from tinnitus, end to insomnia, improved hearing, improved learning ability and concentration, better communication and behavior, enhanced voice quality, better relationships and family harmony.

What Can You Achieve With Sound Healing Therapy?

Sound Healing self-help program is designed to help you connected with your own self and change your life for good. Sound frequencies help you achieve calm and uplift your life.

Sound Therapy For Good Health

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By connecting to yourself and by bringing in positive vibrations, you’ll be able to open up a new arena of opportunities for yourself, stay happy because of increased consciousness and also make your surroundings better.

Music Therapy

Music has long been known for its healing powers. Music not only relaxes the mind and eases tension, it also benefits the immune system. Application of specific music and audio frequencies can help in controlling pain and other health problems. Music is also used for stress relief, sleep or meditation, accelerated learning, consciousness-raising, and enhanced productivity and relaxation. In fact, there are a number of musicians these days who take Psychoacoustics into account when creating commercial albums.

Medical Uses of Sound

Have you ever heard of the term “sound surgery”? If not, it will be surprising for you to know that it involves incidenting highly precise tones over specific organs. A common example is ultrasound that is used to break kidney stones. Sound surgery involves use of specific sound tones in order to destroy diseases. Sound therapy is also used these days to restore tissues and also to resonate organs, in order to make them healthy. By applying specific frequency and vibration to an organ that is deceased, it can be brought back to a healthy state. Sound Healing therapy also finds its use in massaging different organs of the body. At times, sound waves of right frequency are used to massage the heart so that it can loosen a bit and pump blood more freely.