4 Up Hairdos For Prom

Prom is a place where you would be having fun and dancing away the night, creating memories and you would not want your hairstyle to be spoiling it, as a hairstyle can change the entire look of the person.

Up Hairdos For Prom

Hairstyle is one of the most important aspects of any party or event and prom is no less than Oscars for the high school kids attending it. The most elegant and unique looking hairstyles for prom are the up hairdos.

Some Up Hairdo Trends – The Hottest This Season

Why would anyone want to leave their hair open on such a special occasion, up hairdos are the most in thing this season and they appear to come out best with half straight and half curly hair. Here are some up hairdo trends for this prom:

Messy Casual Updo’s

This is personally my favourite, the messy updo never goes wrong and generally gives a very funky and hot look. However, it also depends on the person who is going to carry out the hairstyle. This works best with the wavy and semi curly hair and usually goes with any kind of the dress, but specifically with the strapless ones so you can show off your neckline.

Messy Casual Updo’s

The Mid Way Trend (Half up and Half down)

As mentioned before, prom is not to leave your hair loose like every other day as its special, but there is something you can try to meet both the ends. The good part about this hairstyle is it not only enhances the hair but also the person. This works extremely well with all kinds of hair and is therefore preferred by many for the chicky yet classy look. This again looks amazing with strapless dresses.

The Mid Way Trend

The Traditional And Classic Hair Updo

These hairdos are the ones which you would find celebrities adorning on the red carpet (the bun ones) ad these are the ones which will never wrong (for those who want to be on the safe side). One must ensure to not make it too tight or it would ruin the whole look.

The Traditional And Classic Hair Updo

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Braids Updo Trend

This is new fashion trend, that is beginning to make headlines (who knew braids can ever be this fashionable). The braids done in to a bun or as a head band appear romantic. It makes one look really unique and funky to look out of the crowd and make your presence felt.

Braids Updo Trend

Conclusion – Completing The Look

The hairstyle you choose must depend on various other factors as well, such as the dress (better to choose the dress first, only then can you choose an appropriate style), your personality (the hairstyle should bring out the inner you), the type of the hair (whether your hair is curly or straight, etc) and of course the photographs (how you would look in them years from now).

Make sure you have the most innovative, funky and incredible hairdo of the season. Go be the queen you always wanted to be.