10 Unusual Ways You Can Use Cola

Unusual Ways You Can Use Cola

Cola drinks are popular beverage all over the world. Cola which are universally consumed as soft drink or soda can do a lot more than just a typical beverage. This carbonated drink can surprisingly comes to your aid in solving many house hold issues like removing stains, cleaning things and removing rust.

Here Are 10 Such Unusual Uses Of Cola:

Gum Remover

When gum gets stuck on your shoe, it often becomes difficult to take it out. Here is an easy solution for this. Leave few drops of coke on the gum, wait for a minute and then clear it of with a knife. It will come out easily. Use the same technique, if gum has stuck on your clothes or hair.

Gum remover

As A Cooking Ingredient

You can use cola for marinating fish, chicken or meat. It can be used in different baked dishes as well.

As a cooking ingredient

Removes Rust

Cola can be an excellent rust buster. Soak the rusted item overnight in coke and scrub off in the morning. By breaking down the rust particle, it will restore its shine after cleaning.

Removes rust

Cleans Window

Clean the tough buildup from your car windows with the help of coke. Pour some coke on a wash cloth and rub the windows gently. Wipe off with a damp cloth or windshield wipers. Similarly you can clean all the window glass of your home. The citric acid contained in coke clears all the dirt and stains and makes your windows shine. It will clean your windows like any commercial chemical based cleaners.

Cleans window

Relieves Pain

To neutralize pain from bee sting, jellyfish or bug bites pour coca cola on the affected spot to get relief.

Relieves pain

Cleans Your Burn Pots And Pans

A black film sticks on the bottom of the pot when they get burned which becomes impossible to remove. Remove this stubborn gunk with carbonated soda. Pour some cola on the pot and bring it to boil on low heat for 5-10 minutes. Wash as usual to de-blacken the pot. Black residue will come off easily.

Cleans your burn pots and pans

Removes Stain

Grease stains are difficult to remove from the clothes. Add a can of coke along with detergent in your washing machine and let your machine run through a normal cycle. Not only just grease stain, this process will remove any stain from your cloth (even blood stain) along with removing any odor, if they have. Coke is a great remedy for deodorizing smelly clothes.

Removes stain

Cures Hiccups

Sometimes hiccups just won’t go away. To stop uncomfortable hiccups, drink a glass of cola, holding your breath as quickly as you can. Hiccups will stop.

Cures hiccups

Soothes Upset Stomach

Sipping cola slowly can bring relief from nausea and upset stomach.

Soothes upset stomach

Keeps Flower Fresh

You can keep flowers fresh and help them last longer by spraying cola by mixing two parts of water and one part of carbonated drink. The sugar contained in the drink will keep the flowers fresh and they will smell good also.

Keeps Flower Fresh