Unique Baby Shower Ideas

baby shower ideas

baby shower ideas Motherhood is a joy and a definite reason for celebration. The anticipation of the new arrival brings to the fore tonnes of frolic and excitement. If you want to hold a perfect baby shower for a new mom here are some innovative ways and tips to help you host the perfect baby shower party.

Some Unique Baby Shower Ideas

A Themed cake

Most people do not think of rigging up a theme cake for the new mom. It is a great way of surprising her and adding flavour to the party.

baby shower theme cake

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Order a cake for the mother to be customized into a teddy bear, a small baby or in the shape and look of a baby blanket.

Hold a Brunch

A brunch is the perfect way of starting the day for the mother to be. Instead of a traditional afternoon party hold a brunch where the mother’s friends and relatives can eat by 11 am and the party can continue till the wee hours of the afternoon. That way everyone gets to join in the arty feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

baby shower brunch

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Make a Meal having an Eclectic Cuisine

Instead of whipping up traditional snacks and drinks, incorporate a full meal with a variety of dishes like pita bread, falafel, enchiladas, corn and spicy Thai soup, hummus, shavarma roll etc. These snacks are light on the palate and offer a refreshing change for the guests.

Gift the Mom-to-be Tie and Dye Napkins

Make your own tie and dye napkins and ensure that they are used for the party. Get them made beforehand and use them when the guests are being served. These will salvage stains and make pristine white napkins look more colourful.

Signature Drinks

It is a summer party, make a signature drink for the party which the mom to be will enjoy. A cool and refreshing drink will definitely add flavour to your party.

drinks for baby shower

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Go in for an orange juice based mock tail or watermelon lemonade.

Gifts for the Mom

While you can gift the mom a fashionable maternity dress which she can show off with aplomb, a more suitable gift will be something for the baby to arrive.

gifts for to be mom

Delve into your inner talent and stitch a couple of frocks or knit a soft woollen sweater with mittens for the baby. The mother will cherish these gifts.

An Interesting Dessert

Make sure you rustle up an interesting dessert like a black forest roll or something, which happens to be the mother to be’s favourite.

Have Music

If you are having a large gathering, make sure there is some peppy music to which the people can all dance. Dancing is a sure way of adding fun to the party.

Give Innovative Send off Gifts

Make cute baskets with an assortment of cosmetics like nail polishes, lipsticks and eyeliners. Another option is to make crafty envelopes, baskets with sweet goodies, which the guests can enjoy as they take it back with them.

baby shower return gift
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In case the mother is not up to a baby shower, get together and plan a surprise vacation for her just before her due date. That way she gets to unwind before the little one comes along.