Understanding HIV Treatment Options


HIV HIV is also known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the preliminary phase of the AIDS disease. Of what the research suggests, there is no cure for this virus. However, if the virus is detected in its early stages, it could be treated in a manner that the patient has a long life ahead of him or her. 

With the figures associated with this disease are on the rise, medical sciences are trying to come up with the best possible form of HIV treatment. Before prescribing any form of treatment to the patient, the first thing to be done is to get a complete picture or diagnosis of the case. To know which stage the patient is in, it is mandatory to get the necessary tests done.

HIV Treatment Options

Visit the Best Doctor

HIV is such a condition, which needs expert guidance. It is a life threatening disease, in order to make it any better for the patient, the expert is the only source that can offer the best HIV treatment. Do not rely on any random doctors because the kind of advancements this field has seen, not all doctors are well equipped with the latest technology and added methodology. Thus, visiting someone who is more acquainted with the developments in this area can be a far more reliable option.


A common most option available for patients with this virus comes in the form of antiretroviral drug treatment. The benefit of this treatment is that it helps the body to become slightly more immune so that the transformation of HIV into AIDS is prolonged.

antiretroviral drug treatment

The virus transforms into AIDS and this happens when the body’s immune system gets totally destroyed. Therefore, through this treatment, the immune system strengthens, leading to a delay in the process.

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Five Group Treatment

The five group treatment includes Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, Fusion inhibitors, Nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors and Protease inhibitors.

Five Group Treatment for hiv

Source : http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v410/n6831/fig_tab/410995a0_F3.html

Each of these inhibitors helps in binding or disabling the reverse actions, blocking the enzymes that can help the virus to spread any further. As stated above, this can be done only to a certain extent, a certain extension of life to the patient. There is no guarantee that any of these treatments would work forever.These medicines are combined, may be a combination of two or three. The doctors prescribe according to the patient’s conditions.

Remember, to take medicines regularly and visit the doctor as per the schedule. The more a patient is proactive with the doctor visits and an interest in the treatment methodology, the easier it gets to deal with such a situation.

Benefits of Early HIV Treatment

If the patient is involved in early treatment, it would certainly allow the patient to be less prone facing any severe symptoms. Moreover, they would face less risk of entering into the later stages of the illness anytime soon. If treatment begins at a later stage, there would be a potential threat to the patient’s health because chances of medical complications are high. Therefore, it is best to begin with the treatment at the earliest.

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