Uncontrollable Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Heart diseases are a serious threat in the current times. An increasing number of people are falling victims to heart ailments every passing day and the numbers are only going higher.

Heart diseases do not stop at creating or causing hindrance in a normal lifestyle but they are also the reason for a significant number of deaths every year across the globe. Though, there are certain factors behind heart ailments that can be controlled and heart problems can be avoided, there are certain other risk factors that are beyond our control. Let us learn more about the uncontrollable risk factors for heart diseases that can cause serious heart problems or even cause death.

Increasing Age

Age is one of the most significant factors when it comes to uncontrollable factors behind heart diseases. With growing age several illnesses make their way into human body. Heart ailments too find a way in into the lives of aged or aging people. As per research, heart ailments are usually more prone to occur among men who are over 45 years of age and women above 55 years of age. Aging is natural and there is nothing that we can do to stop the process of growing older. Thus, growing older stands out to be a strong uncontrollable heart disease causing factor.

Hereditary Factor

Hereditary factor is another major and uncontrollable heart disease causing reason. Having a history of heart diseases in the family can lead you to suffer from heart ailments even if you do not have any other particular reason or bad habit to provoke or invite the problem. So if anyone in your family like your parents, your siblings, your close maternal or paternal relatives or any other relative or person belonging to the same tree of your family had a heart problem, your chances of developing heart diseases is increased to a large extent.


It may come as a surprise for many but gender does affect your heart and can cause heart diseases. Belonging to the masculine gender itself is a reason of falling prey to heart diseases. Being a male person increases the risk of heart ailments among people and is again one of the reasons of heart diseases that is beyond your control.


Menopause does affect the human body in a very adverse manner thus inviting several ailments and problems in the body. Heart diseases can also be included among the various ailments that are caused to a person as post-menopausal effect. Menopause is a natural process and can not be stopped from occurring. Thus, it falls under the uncontrollable factors behind heart diseases.

Race or Ethnicity

Your race can decide how prone you are to being attacked by heart diseases. Though you have no hand in choosing or belonging to any particular race, society or cultural background but the same can play a role in causing heart ailments to you. Certain particular races such as African Americans, American Indians, Mexican Americans, Native Hawaiians and Native Americans are more likely to develop heart diseases than other races.