Tremendous Fitness Benefits Of Exercise Bike

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Benefits of Exercise Bikes One of the most convenient and comfortable ways of losing weight is by using an exercise bike, also known as a stationary bike. The exercise bike is an extremely popular fitness device, used widely in health clubs and homes alike. People use exercise bikes not only to lose the excess weight but also to stay in shape.

Exercise Bike Workouts

Most people experience great difficulty in setting time aside to go to the gym, because of their busy work schedule. Instead, one can enjoy an invigorating workout at home using their exercise bike. Unlike other bigger and bulkier exercise equipment; the stationary bike is extremely light in weight and can easily be tucked away in one corner of the room.

With a general spurt in cardiovascular diseasesin America and across the world, exercising is the need of the hour. Exercising regularly on a stationary bike is one of the best ways to remain heart healthy. Although stationary bikes do not offer the complete solution to fight cardiovascular disease, combining this exercise form with a healthy diet can keep many cardiovascular problems at bay.

Choosing an Exercise Bike

Choosing an exercise bike may be a difficult task, because there are many different exercise bike models available in the market today.  Most exercise bikes come with built in digital displays which allow one to monitor the number of calories burnt. There are several stationary bike models which come with pre programmed fitness level settings which enable people to exercise harder.

Choose an exercise cycle that is ideally suited for your height and one that can be stored easily. If you are a novice, choose one of the lower end exercise bike models, instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a high tech exercise bike.

Exercise Bike Benefits

The fitness market is flooded with many new and innovative exercise machines. But unfortunately many of these high tech machines, which promises to help one lose excess weight and stay in shape, do not have the staying power. Most of these new age exercise machines fade away into oblivion in a short period of time.

This is not the case with the exercise bike. The exercise bike from the very beginning, has witnessed a steady and increasing rise in popularity among fitness freaks and health aficionados. There are multiple benefits which an exercise bike offers and through this article, we will examine some of these benefits.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

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Easy To Use

Unlike some of the convoluted exercise machines that are available in the market today; the exercise bike is extremely easy to use.  One of the best home exercise equipments, the exercise bike can be used by a beginner and by individuals with advanced fitness levels with the same ease. In fact, anybody who wants to lose excess weight, but don’t have the time to join a regular fitness class should invest in an exercise bike.

Ideal for Beginners and Overweight Individuals

The exercise bike is the ideal exercise equipment if you have started exercising only recently. Instead of spending a lot of money on advanced exercise equipment that you may not be able to master, and which might end up lying unused, it is best to invest in an exercise bike initially. Once your stamina levels increase, then you can try out other exercise equipment.

The stationary bike is also ideal for overweight individuals, as it helps to burn up excess calories very quickly. Overweight individuals who use the stationary bike regularly are able to get back into shape much faster as well.

Low Cost Exercise Equipment

This exercise equipment fits into most people’s budget. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on exercise equipments which will burn a hole in your pocket, start with an exercise bike which will only set you back by about one hundred dollars. The low cost also happens to be one the most attractive features of the exercise bike.

Heart Healthy Exercise Routine

Millions of people the world over are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The exercise bike helps people to remain heart healthy. People who work out regularly on exercise bikes have fewer heart ailments than those who do not exercise.

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Low Impact Exercise Form

People with joint problems can use the exercise bike without fear of further stress or injury because the exercise bike is low impact exercise equipment.

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People with spinal problems can also use the exercise bike, as this exercise equipment does not put undue stress on the spine. In fact exercising on the stationary bike helps to strengthen the core muscles of the body and in the process can strengthen the spinal cord as well.

Helps To Manage Pain

One aspect of the exercise bike which most people are unaware of is that it helps in pain management. People who suffer from chronic back pain have experienced a significant reduction in their pain levels after using the exercise bike for about thirty minutes every day.

Improve Stamina Levels

Working out regularly on an exercise bike helps to improve ones stamina levels. Initially you can exercise for shorter periods off time and as your stamina levels increase you can concurrently increase the time spent exercising. Improved stamina and energy levels also means that you are able to enjoy life better.

All Weather Exercise Machine

Instead of a regular cycle which can only be used in good weather, the exercise bike can be used in all weather conditions since it is placed indoors. This means that you do not have to spend days sitting indoors unable to exercise because of unfavorable weather conditions.

Better Safety

The exercise bike is safer exercise equipment to use than say a treadmill or exercise ball. People are more likely to suffer from severe falls from their treadmill because of trying to exercise on high speed settings. However, unlike the treadmill or even the elliptical machine, a person is much safer on an exercise bike. For this very reason, exercise bikes can be used by older individuals as well.

Allows Multitasking

The exercise bike helps you to multitask in the sense that you can watch TV or even read the morning paper while exercising.