Treating Throat Infections During Pregnancy

Throat Infections

Throat Infections Many women experience throat infections during pregnancy. This may happen because of weak immunity system during pregnancy, seasonal change and intake of excessively cold beverages. Symptoms of throat infections can include pain in the throat, headache, cough, headache, loss of appetite and fever.

In most cases, it occurs because of the ‘Strep’ bacteria that affect the throat and other surrounding areas, thus causing infection. While throat infection during pregnancy is not serious and will not harm your baby in any way, it is still important to opt for the right remedies for curing throat infections during pregnancy so that you can get relief from the pain and discomfort associated with throat infections. Read on.

Throat Infections During Pregnancy

Follow Instructions, While Taking Antibiotics

In most cases, doctors recommend antibiotics to pregnant women who are suffering from throat infections. While antibiotics will help you in controlling infections, it is crucial to follow the instructions regarding the dosage correctly.

antibiotics pregnant women

Remember that if you fail to follow the instructions regarding dosage correctly, it may harm your baby or put you at higher risk of contracting infection again. So, be careful about dosage of the antibiotics.

Opt For Home Remedies

Certain home remedies can be effective for reducing throat infections during pregnancy. The best thing is that these remedies are completely safe without any side-effects. Start by drinking chamomile tea that possesses analgesic properties and is effective in reducing throat infections.

If you want, you can also squeeze a lemon in it. Such a strategy will also help you in increasing your intake of vitamin C. Alternatively, you can mix honey with ginger juice and drink it at least 3-4 times a day for reducing throat infection.

Choose A Healthy Diet

Eating well is crucial and this is even more important during pregnancy. For boosting your immunity system, choose a balanced diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, seeds, eggs, lean protein, nuts and fatty fish.

vegetables, seeds, eggs

Sticking to a healthy diet will strengthen your immunity system and help your body to fight against the bacteria. Also, drink at least 8-9 glasses of water throughout the day. You can also opt for fresh juices or low calorie smoothies.

Drinking Chicken Soup Is A Good Idea

Chicken soup is a traditional remedy for curing throat infections. It is delicious and sodium content in the soup possesses anti inflammatory properties, which fight against the bacteria effectively.

Furthermore, chicken soup can also boost your energy, which often becomes low during pregnancy. However, while drinking chicken soup, make sure that it is not excessively hot. Remember that very hot soup can irritate your throat, thus increasing your infection.

Try Saltwater Gargle

Gargling several times a day with salt water is a popular strategy for minimizing throat infection. When you gargle with salt water, it loosens the mucus and flushes out bacteria, thus providing you with relief. If you do not like the taste of salt, you can also add half spoon honey for sweetening the taste.


Once you are done with gargling, throw out the water, rather than swallowing it. It is true that throat infection during pregnancy is not serious. Still, you should not ignore it because it can lead to other complications. So, if you get throat infections, getting in touch with a doctor as quickly as possible is important.