Top Tips To Maintain Chic Hairdos For Short Hair

Planning to go for short hair? Hey, don’t think that it is easy, compared to maintaining long hair. In fact, in case of short hair as well, proper combing and brushing are very important. Especially if you are the one with curly or frizzy hair, you cannot simply brush your hair just the way people with straight hair do.

Chic Hairdos For Short Hair

Frizzy hair that gets messy due to humidity require lot of care even if short in height. Hence, do not think that short hair would mean less maintenance and easy handling. However, there are plenty of hairdos for short hair.

Tips To Maintain Chic Hairdos For Short Hair

For Warm And Humid Climates

If you do not fuss much with your hair, then a new short hair style would be just great. Such would be great for hot climate and also for the purpose of hair coloring. All you need to be careful about is the frequent hair cut o keep it in proper shape. To be on safe side, keep your appointments with your hair stylists at a regular interval and maintain your haircut. Thus you can never have bad hair days.

Humid Climates

Setting And Styling Short Hair

With your new short hair style, you must have a blow dryer, mousse, gel and a good hair spray as well. Styling products are every essential to go for hairdos for short hair. Ask your stylist about the style that suits your best and get your hairdo accordingly. Styling products depend on density and texture of hair.

Using products that bring bouncy effects would be good for creating more volume to your hair. If you have thin fine hair, you would like to use mousse instead of gel. Mousse or serum is really good for you. Gel would weigh your hair down. You can mix the mousse with little water and then apply it in your hair outwardly from the root.

Styling Short Hair

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For Frizzy Short Hair

Towel drying is a very effective way to find out more styles with your short hair. Using a good styling brush is a step ahead. Even though you dry your hair out, the styling brush would help you keep your short hair nice and attractive. Unless your hair is dried out well, the volume will never be visible because the scalp has to be completely dry to show volume.

Appropriate styling products are very essential to maintain short hair. To get rid of those unwanted frizz, anti-frizz serums are a must. Regular use of such serums can help to maintain good hair style.

Frizzy Short Hair

Maintenance And Accessorizing

Short hairstyle lets you make a lot of experiments. In fact women interested in hairdos for short hair can use a variety of products. True that shorter hair never means less maintenance but again, it is only short hair that can give you a fashionable and chic look! Just be sure of the style that suits you best and go for regular trims as well.

Also, if you have a rounded face, let the hair fall on your face to create a longer impression. Use a cute hairband or hair accessory to give that feminine touch. Scarves are a nice way to add a chic touch too.