6 Tips For Stamping Nail Art

Tips For Stamping Nail Art

Are you in sync with the hottest nail art trends? If not, read on for the latest in stamping nail art techniques. Gone are the days, when style savvy women wore single shades of glossy or matte nail polish. Nail art is in. Some love nail art but are too busy to get their creative juices flowing.

For those who lack the time to think of new designs and for those who do not wish to go for an expensive salon nail art job, stamping nail art is just right. Here is a complete tutorial with tips that will make you an expert nail art stamper in no time.

Stamping Nail Art Prerequisites

Get going with the following  basic materials required for nail art stamping.

Base polish
An image plate
Stamping polish
Nail polish remover or acetone
Plastic scraper card

Nail Art Stamping Procedure

Stamping Polish On Any Nail Design

Use nail polish remover or acetone with some cotton to clean the stamping pad, scraper and image plate. Repeat this process for each nail. Make sure your nails are dry. Apply base polish on them. The base polish must be opaque. Try dark, viscous and opaque shades. Apply the stamping polish on any nail design, on the image plate. Stamping polish can be a of a lighter shade or contrast color. Scrape off excess polish from the image plate with the scraper card. Polish must be visible only within the nail art design on the image plate. Gently press the stamper on this nail art design, from the image plate. Keep it pressed for some time, to pick up the design with the polish. Now stamp it on your nail by rolling slightly from one end of the nail surface to the other. Repeat this process for the other nails as well.

Stamping Nail Art Tips And Tricks

Switch Off  The Fan

Switch Off The Fan

Stamping nail art must be done with the fan or AC switched off. Otherwise, the polish dries off fast and cannot be picked up by the stamper.

Avoid Metal Scrapers

Plastic Card For Stamping Nail Art

Use a plastic card like an expired credit card as the scraper. Metal scrapers leave marks on the image plate and tend to spoil it.

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Stamping Polish Alternatives

Nail Polish Remover For Stamping Nail Art

If you run out of expensive stamping polish that comes with a branded kit, use contrast colored nail polish shades that are not so runny. Lakme Metallics nail shades and Elle 18 Color Bombs are good options.

Keep Practicing

White Paper Acrylic Colors For Stamping

You may not get it right the first time around. Do not give up. Practice on disposable white paper with acrylic colors to get a hang of stamping nail art the right way.

Best Brands For Stamping Nail Art Kits

Nail art stamping kits from Bundle Monster, Mash, Salon Express and Konad are some of the best brands around. You can buy these online at Amazon or from local cosmetic stores. To start with, use the basic Konad nail art stamping kit that comes with a single image plate, white polish, stamper and scraper. 

Stamper And Scraper For Stamping Nail Art

Once you master stamping amazing nail art designs, you can add the other branded kits to your collection. You can buy an entire nail stamping kit or buy a collection of image plates, stamper and other essentials separately at Amazon.