Top Six Precautions For Ear Ache In your Baby

Top Six Precautions For Ear Ache In your Baby

Top Six Precautions For Ear Ache In your Baby Children fall sick very often and one of the causes for this is ear pain or earache. Unable to express that they have ear pain,  babies cry which is a usual way of expression by them.

It will be difficult even for a mother to identify that her baby has got ear ache. Do you know that earache also leads to nerves pain in the brain, neck pain and head ache to your baby.

As such,  first aids for ear pain are medicines of pain relievers, though they can give only temporary relief to your baby. Unbearable earache disturbs the sleep of your baby and makes cranky all the time.  There fore,  if you can understand the causes of ear pain occurring to your baby, you can reduce it by following some precautions and here are the most effective methods.

Be Careful While Bathing Your Baby:

Majority of the mothers do not take proper care while giving bath to their babies and bathing them with negligence can result in severe consequences for your baby’s well being and one among them is the occurrence of ear pain.

If you wash the ears of your baby with soap and do not remove the foam with water, then the drops of  foam stored in the ear can cause ear pain for your baby.  Hence,  never forget to wash the ears of your baby with very less soap and care should be taken that , you clean only the outer ear, but not inside.

Clean The Ears After Giving Bath:

It is essential to clean the ears of your baby by using the edges of a clean and thin towel to remove water drops if any are stored in the ear.

Never Use Ear Buds:

Usage of ear buds to clean the ears of your baby is not a safe method,  as they may cause damage to the ear drum, because when you use ear buds, unknowingly you will pierce them very much inside the ear and with this, your baby will suffer from ear pain.

Sounds Of  High Frequency:

Thunderous sounds having a lot of frequency range like those of  theaters, bombs, crackers etc; can also cause ear ache for your baby.  Hence, you need to take necessary precautions by covering your baby’s ears with cotton or caps whenever exposed to such noises.

Nasal Infection Or Throat Infection:

It is quite common for babies to get ear infection and ear pain, whenever nasal ifection or throat infection occurs to them.  In such situations, usage of nasal drops on a regular basis and administering decongestant oral syrups as advised by paediatricians, can alleviate ear ache in babies.

Exposure To Cool Winds:

Changes in climatic conditions, chilly winds in winter and rainy seasons, can cause ear ache for your baby.  To protect your baby from this, cover the hands, head, ears and foot with gloves, caps and socks to reduce the chances of occurring ear ache to your baby and make it sure that ,you keep your home warm in cold weather.