Top Six Facts About ADHD In Children

Top Six Facts About ADHD In Children

Top Six Facts About ADHD In Children Is your child very active, intelligent and can answer a few difficult questions, but are the teachers not able to have him in class. You might be overwhelmed that your son was so active than any other infant of his age, when he was an infant.

However, gradually you realized that, you have to be cautious about the very active behavior of your child. This is called as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

As the name suggests, children with this behavior get extra attention by the society. Some people may even not understand that, it is an abnormal behavior. Though the percentage of such children is very less, child psychologists are involving themselves to identify the causes for ADHD in children.

Why a child possesses the symptoms of ADHD is an unanswered question for many parents. Does his upbringing in the family make him to become hyperactive or  is it due to genetic causes or lack of care by the mother to take proper food when she was carrying him in her womb etc;  are some other natural queries.

Lack Of Attention  And Concentration

The symptoms of ADHD will be more apparent when your child’s activities need concentrated mental effort. Other symptoms may include not able to pay close attention and thereby, committing careless errors in school work or other activities. Children with ADHD possess trouble sustaining attention while playing and appear like he or she does not listen even when you speak directly.

Mild Brain

Children with this symptom find it difficult to follow suggestions in class and thus fail to complete their school work or any other task allotted to them. Frequent forget fullness and disorganized behavior are also more apparent in children with ADHD.

Impulsive Behavior

Such children squirm and fidget very often. Distracting their class mates, running around the class room and not heeding attention to the teachers’ instructions are the common observed behavioral symptoms.

Factors Influencing ADHD

Generally, preschoolers will have a short span of attention and they do not stick to one activity for a longer period of time. The same thing is true for hyper active children. Normally, young children may become more active when they are in new environment or hungry or tired.

Out Door Games Are The Best

A  hyper active child can be good at outdoor games such as tennis, cricket, swimming etc;  because he is bodily smart.

When Should You Prefer Diagnosis

Generally boys will be more hyperactive than girls. However, parents should not label a child as hyper active just because of rare presentation of some of the ADHD symptoms. Ensure that, you observe the frequency of these symptoms in your child before considering for a diagnosis.

If such behavior lasts for more than six months both at home and at school, then you must consider for a medical counseling. Sometimes, even healthy children are impulsive or hyper active or inattentive, at one time or another.

According to child psychologists, children possess various intelligences such as linguistic, logical, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal, naturalistic, intra personal and musical.

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