5 Top Natural Cure For Dermatitis

Natural Cure To Dermatitis

Having dry, rough skin is common in every person. And fighting this ailment known as dermatitis is important to have healthy skin. Though there are several medicines that help to fight this terrible situation, but the best way to treat dry and irritable skin is through the application of the natural methods.

And here are a few listed natural cures to fight against the condition and thus, eliminating the ailments completely. A few methods of the natural cure for dermatitis are discussed below in detail.

Natural Cure For Dermatitis

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment

This is an ancient Chinese method of stress relief but one of the main reasons of dry irritable skin is actually stress. The body’s natural energy is called Qi and when there is an imbalance of that energy, dry spots can appear. Acupuncture deals with the insertion of needles in the body and this helps in boosting Qi as well as it removes the internal heat of the body. Ginseng and licorice also help in the increase of Qi.

Nutritional Food Under The Guidance Of A Nutritionist

Vitamin B

The food we eat is also very important when it comes to retaining moisture in the skin. Some people are not suited to some food and can cause dry skin. Foods like dairy, yeast, wheat and tomatoes are some common foods related to dry skin. It is important to visit a dietician or a nutritionist to see what food is good for you. Vitamins like A, B, E and zinc are good. Natural yogurt is helpful for the skin, either eaten or applied to the skin directly.

Herbal Medication


Mother Nature is the best doctor and the plants that she provides have the best medicinal nutrients. Extracts from plants like red clover and burdock are vital for the liver and skin. Licorice root along with calendula are agents that fight against inflammation.

Aromatherapy Treatment


This is one of the best natural cures for dermatitis. The essential oils present in plants are remarkable for healing and recovery from itching and provides moisture to the skin. Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Neroli and Myrrh are some of the best plants for essential oils.

Homeopathic Solutions


This ancient method of medication is still one of the best ways to fight dermatitis. It uses mineral and plant extracts to moisturize the skin. It is the best way to heal the body naturally. The most used minerals are graphite’s and sulphur. These few methods are the best natural cures for dermatitis and have proven to be effective in many cases and all the patients that have followed these remedies have always come out better and with better skin.  Some of the best doctors in the world have recommended these steps in treating this ailment and the patients have all come back with positive results. Although all these methods have been proved to be effective, some people still choose to take medication orally.But it is recommended, if there is a skin condition that you are suffering with, try some these remedies and consult a doctor for the best remedies.