5 Most Herbal Remedies For Eczema

Herbal Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is the disease of skin that causes irritation ranging from chronic and itchy small rashes to violent acute eczema flare ups with oozing sores. Eczema is usually attributed by some kind of airborne allergy or food allergy which can be reduced by investigating about the type of allergens.

The people who have eczema usually tend to use creams, pharmaceutical pills and steroids. It is evident that the changes in the lifestyle related to diet and exercise can solve the skin problems to a large extent rather than with oral or topical drugs. Not preferring to eat chemically sprayed vegetables and fruits, junk foods, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and sugars will play major role in solving the chronic skin problems. Sweat has to be controlled as it can stimulate eczema. Some of the herbal remedies that are useful for treating eczema are discussed in this article.

Effective Herbal Remedies For Eczema

Balsam of Peru

Balsam For Eczema

Balsam of Peru is scientifically called as Myroxylon balsamum, which grow in the forests of South America. Balsam of Peru is mostly used in aromatherapy and in perfumes as it has the characteristic odour of cinnamon and vanilla. The resinous oil taken from this herb is an antiseptic and helps in healing the skin. It also has the same properties as that of other balsams. The balsams of Peru were earlier used as an ingredient in cough syrups as it kills the parasites. Now, Balsam products are mostly used for applying them topically.

Benzoin Resin

Benzoin Resin For Eczema

The scientific name of benzoin resin is Styrax benzoin. Benzoin is largely used in the east as a constituent in perfumes. The difficulty in breathing during congestion due to allergy and asthma is resolved by benzoin. Benzoin resin is beneficial for skin care and is used in topical application purposes. It will help in healing the wounds and reduce the inflammation that appears in the rough skin that has cracks. Benzoin is used for the skin that is reddish, that has irritation and that has itching sensation like eczema.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle For Eczema

The seeds of milk thistle plant are known to have antioxidant characteristic which is stronger than the vitamin E. The antioxidants encourage the renewal of the liver cells and aids in repair mechanism involved in the damages that result from the degenerative conditions caused by alcohol. This herb consists of substance that is called as silymarin. This compound is beneficial in healing liver in eight to 16 weeks. The grinded seeds are taken in one or two teaspoons for nearly thrice a day and gradually the quantity can be decreased. Tea also can be made using the seed powder. The improved liver functioning by milk thistle can help in cleaning the skin. By proper liver function, the blood will get cleaned and provide an intensive glow in skin. The skin softening can be hastened by milk thistle and helps in healing the eczema, acne, redness, and cracking of lips.

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Licorice For Eczema

Licorice is the herb that is useful in cleaning the toxins from the body. Licorice consists of compounds that is estrogen-like and helps in regulating the hormones. Licorice is the herb that acts against the inflammation, arthritis and allergies. Licorice decreases the acid in the stomach and is also helpful in the treatment of ulcers. Licorice is the remedy that is used for solving the asthma, fever, bronchitis, laryngitis, mouth sores, lupus, shingles, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, indigestion, fibromyalgia, heartburn, obesity, menstrual cramps, herpes simplex and depression. Licorice is widely used to treat skin problems and blisters. A paste is made with Licorice root and is used for application of it on the skin.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle For Eczema

Stinging nettle is a medicinal herb which is helpful in cleaning the toxins from the body as well as metabolic wastes from the body. This herb also is beneficial in making the kidneys to excrete water more. This herb is rich in iron and helps in the treatment of anemia. The insect bites on the skin, burns on the skin are healed with the help of stinging nettle. The infusions of the leaf from stinging nettle, ointments and creams are beneficial in the eczema treatment and other skin problems.