5 Herbal Remedies For Scoliosis

Herbal Remedies For Scoliosis Scoliosis is a skeletal disorder that causes the spinal column to change its shape from a straight position to an S shape spine .This is usually hereditary and attacks a person in the teenage years. The spinal column tends to curve sideways and a lot of twisting and curving occurs in the spinal system. It is more prevalent in women than in men and is either structural or non-structural which is reversible. A change in the posture wherein one side of shoulder becomes higher than the other side is the first symptom of occurrence of this disease. Chronic back pain, elevated hips, protruded ribcage are all signs of scoliosis. The actual reason behind this disorder is unknown, however some do hold muscle imbalance responsible for this disorder. People suffering from scoliosis tend to lean on one side while standing and face grave discomfort in keeping their posture straight. Scoliosis tends to cause a lot of pain in the muscles. Apart from the genetic factors nutritional deficiencies play an important role in the occurrence of scoliosis. Where structural scoliosis does not have much scope of improvement or cure, non-structural scoliosis is completely treatable with the help of a combination of certain physiotherapies and herbal remedies. Some of these herbal remedies are mentioned below.

Herbal Remedies For Scoliosis


Horsetail For Scoliosis This herb is known to replenish minerals such as silica- one of the most important components required in good amount for the maintain ace of strong muscles and tissues to support the spine. It is readily available in the form of tea. Horsetail is equally effective when its tincture is mixed with water and taken regularly for a few days. Another way of curing scoliosis is by drinking a tablespoon of its juice for a fortnight. It is also available as supplement in the local stores.


Kale For Scoliosis This herbal remedy is famous for building the bone mass by producing good amount of collagen. It is the main fibre that is used for providing the elasticity to the cartilages and bones. Not only does it lessen the brittleness of the bones, it increases the elasticity and flexibility of the spinal cord and the muscles supporting it. This herb is readily available as supplements in the local markets and also available in the form of powder.


Thyme For Scoliosis Thyme is another famous herb that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is highly beneficial for treating scoliosis which is prevalent due to microbes. Thyme oil is that herbal remedy which is known to prevent the formation of microbes. This also highlights its antibiotic properties that are known to heal this ailment. The best way of doing so is by massaging thyme oil on to the back regularly which will help in the effect of scoliosis

Collard Herbs

Collard Herbs For Scoliosis This variety of herb is high in magnesium and calcium content that enables it to regenerate new bone cells and plays an important part in the rectifying the curvature of the spine. It also prevents further degeneration and is available in the form of capsules and supplements. A dose of 2000mg of this herb is sufficient for treating scoliosis when taken regularly.


Arnica For Scoliosis Another prominent herb used for treating scoliosis is arnica. This herb is an age old remedy in providing relief from the pain and discomfort that a person gets while suffering from this disease. This herb is available in the form of tincture which can be massaged on the back. It is readily available as gel as well and is required to be massaged on the entire back. This helps in the removal of muscle stiffness.