5 Herbal Remedies For Nearsightedness

Herbal Remedies For Nearsightedness

The medical term for nearsightedness is Myopia, a condition where in an individual is unable to get the correct vision of objects that are at a distance and the vision gets blurred. People suffering from myopia are usually able to view the objects that are near, and face difficulty viewing objects at a distance. It is a growing epidemic in western countries where people are constantly glued to televisions and computer monitors.

Though this problem is genetic, improper eating habits, strain to the eyes that could be mental or straining it by reading in moving vehicles, or long hours of watching television or even reading in poor light can also be a cause for getting this eye disorder. When a person squints and strains to see things at a distance, has constant fatigue in the eyes or even bad headaches, then he should get his eyes checked as these are all signs of myopia. The opthalmist has ways of correcting this problem, however if detected on time, it can be taken care of by certain herbal remedies, some of which are discusses below.

Herbal Remedies For Nearsightedness

Liquorices (Mulethi)

Liquorices For Nearsightedness

This herb is actually a spice that proves to be an excellent remedy for myopia. Regular use of this herb ascertains gradual healing of the blurred vision. The ideal way to consume it is by powdering it and dividing it in two parts, one part is to be added to honey and the other half is to be mixed with butter and then it has to be swallowed with a glass of milk simultaneously. It will definitely give results if taken on a regular basis.


Triphala For Nearsightedness

This herb of Indian origin is very famous for curing any type of eye problems and can be mixed with amla and harad for better results. A decoction of triphala with water where 30gms of triphala’s powder can be mixed with almost three cups of water and prepared. This solution can be consumed daily and can also be used as eyewash as well.

Amla(Emblica Officinalis)

Amla For Nearsightedness

Another name for Amla is amalaki or dhatriphala in Sanskrit and is highly recommended by the Ayurveda for treating optical disorders such as myopia. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and refreshes the eyes when used on a regular basis. A solution of amla powder and water can be prepared as eyewash and its juice taken regularly is equally beneficial in healing the eyesight and reducing blurring.

Fennel (Sauf)

Fennel For Nearsightedness

This herb is a condiment and very popular ingredient found in Indian kitchen. It is another excellent remedy for reducing blurring and improving eyesight. The seeds are used more that its leaves as they are chewable. Fennel when grounded with almonds and sugar candy in equal proportions and consumed at night with a glass of milk, on a regular basis is the best way of getting rid of myopia.


Horsetail For Nearsightedness

This herb not only tackles myopia on its onset but also improves blood circulation in the eyes as well. It is known to stop the disorder from increasing as it helps in preventing blurred vision. The best way to use this herb is by preparing an eyebath .One can dab a soft piece of clean cloth in horsetail solution and can keep it on the eyes. This process has to be repeated daily for best results.