Top 9 Home Remedies For Stiff Neck

Remedies For Stiff Neck

Stiff neck, though not a serious issue, disrupts your routine activities and makes it difficult for you to turn your neck and sleep comfortably due to the pain. Neck and tendons surrounding it are delicate parts of our body so it is important to treat stiff neck as soon as possible. You can find a number of home remedies that can effectively cure your stiff neck.

Here Are Some Useful Home Remedies That Can Help Cure Your Stiff Neck Quickly:

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is instrumental in alleviating the pain in your stiff neck substantially. It not only cures stiff neck but also provides relief to your shoulders, head, and back that are affected due to the stiff neck. It hardly takes 10 minutes to massage your neck. You can get your neck massaged from a professional or your friend who knows the right massage techniques.

Massage therapy

Cold Pack

Cold pack effectively mitigates the pain in your neck and helps your stiff neck feel muscles to relax. It provides you relief by creating analgesic or pain-relieving effect. All you need to do is hold an ice pack on your neck for about 10 minutes. Repeat this every two hours till the pain subsides.

Cold pack

Heat Therapy

After the cold pack, it is advisable to go for hot compress to help your neck relax from the discomfort quickly and easily. Heat therapy promotes the blood circulation in the muscles. You can go for heat therapy like hot shower, heating pad, heat wrap, and other safe heat therapy options for at least 20 minutes to alleviate your neck pain.

Heat therapy


Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese treatment, is widely followed to cure the pain and other types of ailments by penetrating appropriate strategic points of the skin with tiny needles. To treat your stiff neck with acupuncture therapy, consult an efficient acupuncture therapist and get your neck cured by treating the right acupuncture points for the stiff neck.


Epsom Salt

Epsom salt contains magnesium which helps your stiff neck muscles to relax. You need to add Epsom salt to in warm water bath and soak your neck in it. Follow this regularly to reduce inflammation and pain in your stiff neck.

Epsom Salt

Skin Scrapping

Skin scrapping is an excellent stiff neck treatment. It helps improve the blood circulation in the neck muscles while decreasing the pain and stiffness in the neck. You need assistance of another person for this treatment. Get some massage oil and one spoon. Get a few drops of massage oil spread on the affected neck area and get the skin of your neck scraped gently with a spoon. It will help you get relief from the pain and stiffness in your neck.

Skin scrapping

Celery Leaves

Celery leaves help alleviate the pain and rigidness of your neck. All you need to do is blend fresh celery leaves and extract their juice. Drink this juice every day to get relief from the pain resulting due to stiff neck.

Celery leaves

Horse Radish (Sahijan)

Horse radish can help cure stiff neck to a great extent. All you need to do is apply fresh horse radish on the affect neck area for a few minutes. It will help reduce the stiffness in your neck muscles. Make sure that you apply it just for a few minutes and not for a long time since it may result in numbness and burning sensation.

Horse Radish

Valerian Root Or Tea

Valerian herb is a natural pain reliever which helps alleviate pain. All you need to do is cook the valerian herbs, prepare it as a warm compress, and apply it on your stiff neck muscles. You can also wrap the wet valerian herbs in a pillow case and then press the case on your affected neck area. Drinking valerian tea too can help mitigate the pain in your neck.

Valerian Root