Top 9 Home Decor Accessories

Home Decor Accessories

Home accessories have now taken on a scintillating array of choices for avid home makers and interior decorators. Accessories can definitely exude a vibrant mood if selected and used in the right way.

Here are some of the best accessories for your home.

Top 9 Home Accessories


Lights are no longer purely functional but are being used to decorate your house as well. Indian lamps have now been transformed to suit modern tastes. Eclectically designed lamps are now in vogue and can easily be adorned on a bejewelled cocktail ring table.

Lamps For Home Decor


Breakfast and serving trays can be chosen in bright and vibrant colours. They are an amalgamation of decorative sensibilities and an aesthetic appeal. They can now be placed as showpieces on tables for a luxuriant effect.

Trays For Home Decor

Maharaja Beds

The bedroom is the most important space in our home and this is the place where we spend the maximum amount of time. A bedroom is incomplete without an old maharaja styled bed to add to its appeal. Carved wooden arches, bedposts and drapes falling from the top give it an aesthetic look. You can also convert them into practical pieces with underneath storage compartments.

Maharaja Beds For Home Decor


The doors are the entrance of a house and reflect the overall artistic sensibilities of a person. Choose from south India and Guajarati styles with dainty arches and teak wood for a tinge of historic richness.

Doors For Home Decor


Choose conventional or traditional carpets, which have a luxuriant feel and come in a melange of colours. This gives out a subtle elegance and adds to the overall decor of a house. You can choose from hand knotted woollen carpets or plain durries.

Carpets For Home Decor

Floor Cushions

If you have a low-lying settee or a floor gaddi, then floor cushions are a must-have. They are big and you can simply throw some around in your home. They increase the seating space of your home and give the living room a soft and comfortable feel.

Floor Cushions For Home Decor

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Cocktail Tables

These tables are made from embellished glass pieces, or glasses, which are painted with rich motifs, and Indian prints. The legs are wooden for a rustic and homely feel. They act as a wonderful piece of jewellery.

Cocktail Tables For Home Decor


Screens are necessary in traditionally done up Indian homes. They can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. They not only serve to compartmentalize the space but also add chutzpah to your home with intrinsic carvings and delicate art work on the screens

Screens For Home Decor

Wall Art

Wall art has so much to offer that it has left most homemakers baffled. You have a wide array to choose from, from madhubani paintings, to modern art and even landscapes all of which give a distinctive aura to your home decor. Do experiment with colours, frames and sizes. Create a wall art by putting a number of frames on brightly coloured walls. These basic accessories are necessary have for homes to bring out a classy appeal and a feeling of homeliness. These all can give a creative and innovative look to your home.

Wall Art For Home Decor