Top 9 Benefits Of Exercise Revealed

Benefits Of Exercises

Benefits Of Exercises We are constantly being informed about the virtues of physical fitness. People have become health conscious like never before. Exercise not only makes us more agile, but it also protects us from a host of diseases including osteoporosis, cardiac diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes to name just a few. Obesity, one of the leading problems that most people are grappling with can be addressed properly with adequate physical activity.

What exactly is Exercise?

We have heard of the virtues of exercising regularly, but what exactly do we mean by exercise. Exercise can be defined as any physical activity which helps to improve not only our physical fitness and health but also our mental wellbeing. Any kind of physical activity like walking, dancing, running or jumping can be called a physical activity. Regular physical activity can help improve our overall health and increase our life span as well.

Why Do People Exercise?

People exercise for many different reasons. Some of the common reasons why people undertake physical activity on a regular basis could be to practice a specific athletic skill, to burn body fat, to strengthen muscles, to improve and strengthen the cardiovascular system, to improve flexibility and endurance. People also exercise for fun, to release pent up tensions, as a way to socialize or to have some fun with friends.

Types of Exercise

There are many different forms of exercise which help to improve our fitness and agility. However most exercises fall into one of three broad categories which are flexibility exercise, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise forms.  Any exercise form which helps to enhance the range of motions of the joints and the muscles is called flexibility exercise. Stretching exercise is a very good example of flexibility exercise.

Exercises which work towards improving the cardiovascular strength are called aerobic exercises. Swimming, cycling, running, hiking are some examples of aerobic exercises. Exercise forms which help to increase short term muscle strength are called anaerobic exercises and good examples of this exercise form include sprinting exercises, eccentric training exercises and weight training exercises among others.

Exercise and Its Multiple Benefits

Regular exercise offers many benefits some of which are obvious like increased physical fitness and less obvious ones like stress reduction. Whatever the benefits which the particular exercise form offers, it is imperative that people indulge in at least a few hours of physical activity every day. Through this article, we will examine the multiple benefits offered by exercise.

Improves Fitness Levels

Exercise helps to improve a person’s fitness levels. Enhanced fitness means better health and stamina. Initially a person can start with simple exercises for about half an hour. Later as fitness levels increases one can do more vigorous exercises for longer periods of time.

Enhances Brain Power

Exercises not only help to make a person physically fit and healthy, it also helps to enhance a person’s brain power. Regular exercise sharpens the brain and a person is able to react to situations and events faster. There is an increase in mental clarity when regular exercise is undertaken. Productivity levels are also significantly increased in people who do exercises consistently.

Acts as an Excellent Stress Buster

One of the best ways to melt stress and tension which builds up over the day is to perform some physical activity. People who exercise regularly have a more positive outlook towards life. They are able to deal with various tensions and stress in a better manner. Simple exercises like walking, even for ten minutes a day, can leave a person feeling relaxed. Exercise can help individuals beat depression and is a great mood enhancer.

People who have made exercises a regular part of their daily life are less likely to get angry or frustrated easily. Healthy and fit individuals are able to maintain better relationships with their parents, siblings, spouse and children.

Helps to Improve Self Esteem

People who have body weight issues; especially obese individuals have very poor or low self esteem. These people find great difficulty in interacting or making friends with others. Exercise makes people fitter and more confident. With increased self esteem a person is able to take full advantage of their hidden potential and can achieve a lot in their lives.

Better Energy Levels

Most people especially those who pay scant attention to exercise or physical fitness go through life feeling completely drained of all energy. Instead of popping different types of energy supplements to give you enough energy to go through the day, start exercising daily. Exercise helps to increase the feel good factor as it assists in releasing endorphins into the blood stream. Oxygen levels are also improved significantly with exercise. Exercise can actually make you feel more energetic.

Helps to Ward of a Variety of Diseases

Regular exercise can aid in warding off a host of diseases. People who have a good fitness regimen are protected from heart ailments, type2 diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis. The immune system is strengthened with regular exercise and many common aches and pains also vanish when people do regular exercise.

Burns Calories Faster

People who lead a sedentary life have difficulty in burning calories. As a result they put on excessive amounts of weight, become obese and consequently suffer from a host of lifestyle diseases. On the other hand people who undertake a minimum of half an hour of rigorous exercise every day are able to burn calories faster and become fitter.

Regular Exercise Makes Your Heart Healthy

A strong and healthy heart means a longer, healthier and more productive life. Studies have reveled that plaque buildup in the heart is much lesser in people who workout regularly. Regular exercise ensures that the heart beats are stronger. The cardiovascular system as such is strengthened with regular exercise.

Enhances the Quality of Sleep

Generally people suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders because of poor physical activity. Reduced physical activity means more blood glucose levels. An increase in the blood glucose levels interferes with the sleep patterns of people. Incorporating exercise into ones daily routines ensures that people are able to get good night’s sleep, which leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

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