Top 8 Birthday Activities For Boys

Top 8 Birthday Activities For Boys

Top 8 Birthday Activities For Boys Boy kids are special in such a way that modern trend made them to become heroic figures and hence in initial stages itself they would like to show them as fully energetic and power. Whereas girl kids are shown as soft and responsible dolls. Thats why even from younger stages, activities differ in boys and girls. Let us see some birthday activities for boys.

Interesting Birthday Activities for Boys

Potato Shoot Experiment

Boys being mimicked as energetic, they would like to roam and play. Outdoor games are the perfect choice for them. Potato shoot experiment is a beautiful outdoor game activity for boys which can be hosted during birthday parties. Boys need to shoot the potato that is kept on the top of a toy. Boys get the focusing capacity and will enjoy in shooting.

Sunrise Sunset Experiment

It is well worth for young boys. In earlier stages, they are knowing sunrise and sunset and in this they can demonstrate what can be done during sunrise and sunset. Being formed in a group, boys get the capacity to lead the team and play different activities.

Which Colors are Hotter

Girls favorite color is pink. But boys taste is totally different and they like for very bright color to make the environment to focus them. During birthday parties, each and every boys can explain the importance of color of dress they wear and what is the impact of the color in the surrounding environment.

Coin Cleaner

Various boys have different hobbies. Coin collection is also a hobby among boys. They will be crazy in collecting different country coins and among friends, they will think themselves like a billionaire by having different country coins.

Top 8 Birthday Activities For Boys

During birthday parties, they can be asked to bring their own collections and share in groups. This helps for their learning easily.

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Magic Ink

Magic ink can be prepared by their secret recipes. During birthday, they can be asked to bring their magic inks and demonstrate the importance of it. Boys will think themselves as hero as they are given importance and asked to demonstrate how they have prepared it.

Spider’s Web Mobile

Nowadays all children started to play online games and mobile games. In a rating it is suggested that boys at younger stages would like to innovate something as their curiosity is more either in finding out or making repairing of that. Mobile game winners will be mostly boys and when they started to play as team, it is certain that girls cannot beat them.

Outdoor Games

All set of outdoor games are perfect fit for boys. Physical activities get increased and it is sure that all boys would like for that. That too when they get played among their friends during their special day birthday, they enjoy like anything.

Indoor Games

Though indoor games are less liked by boys, they are the perfect activity for boys. Instead of giving cookery games, boys should be given more responsibility in making rooms clean, keeps the attraction over them.


Birthdays are always fun and irrespective of gender it is enjoyed. But still being in the difference of nature possessed between boys and girls, more care need to be seen for boy birthday activities.