Top 7 Natural Cures For Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver Fatty liver is the result of fat accumulation in the liver. The unfortunate feature of this disease is that by the time a patient notices the symptoms, the liver is already damaged. A few symptoms of this ailment include nagging and dull pain in the abdomen, nausea and weakness, flatulence and bloating, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, gain in weight, and yellowing of the skin.

The symptoms develop at a slow pace, which is why most patients don’t realize that there is a problem until it is already too late. If this condition is not treated in time it can result in scarring of the liver, inflammation of the liver and even cancer in extreme cases. This ailment can also become fatal if it develops into hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

There are no conventional treatments for this ailment and hence it is best to opt for a natural cure for fatty liver. The best way to cure fatty liver is a combination of diet, exercise and natural remedies.

Natural Cures For Fatty Liver

Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

First of all completely give up smoking or drinking. Excess alcohol can damage even a healthy liver and if you already have fatty liver then even small quantities of alcohol will make matters worse.

Use Monounsaturated Oils

Make sure that all your cooking is done in the minimum oil possible. In fact, it will be best if you eat your food boiled or grilled. Use only monounsaturated oils like canola oil and olive oil.

canola oil

Reduce the intake of saturated fats, like butter, cream and margarine. A healthy diet is the most important part of a natural cure for fatty liver.

Consume Foods Having Low Glycemic Index

You diet should consist of foods that are low in glycemic index. Try to consume a lot of vegetables, fruits and fibrous grains. You need to increase you intake of vitamins and minerals and the best way to do this is to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats like fish and chicken, and lean cuts of lamb.

Foods To Be Avoided

Cut down your intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates. This is especially necessary if you are diabetic because excess sugar levels in the blood will further damage the liver. Completely cut down on white breads, white rice and white pasta. Instead you can opt for whole grain or multigrain breads.



Drink a lot of water and vegetable juices to detoxify your system. All these liquids will help you flush out the toxins from your body.


The problem with exercise is that people, who have a fatty liver have very low energy levels and get tired easily. However, you don’t really need to do any heavy exercises that you find difficult, and a 30 minute walk everyday should be quite sufficient. As you strength improves with quitting smoking drinking and consuming a healthy diet, you can move up to sports like badminton, tennis, swimming and squash.

Different Herbs

Barberry, Dandelion, Ginseng and Milk thistle are all anti inflammatory and antioxidants. These properties will stimulate the liver and reverse the damage. At the same time, the hepatoprotective nature of these herbs will result in the regeneration of healthy liver cells, which will reverse the damage caused. These are all great natural cures for fatty liver.

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