Top 7 Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Baby massage is highly beneficial for babies and a great way to bond with your baby. In fact, most parents are aware that the touch is an effective way to bond with their newborn babies and baby massage is far better way to connect with newborns. It involves engaging with the baby, recognizing the nonverbal communication, and adapting touch to aid baby’s sensory needs and abilities. The baby massage provides instant and lasting positive results for babies’ growth and development.

Here Are Some Outstanding Benefits Your Baby Can Have With A Baby Massage.

Improved Sleep

Baby massage helps treat sleep onset problems in babies. After getting massaged from the parents, babies sleep sound with a fewer sleep delays. Massage regulates melatonin secretion and increases serotonin levels which aid in regulating sleep patterns. It is recommended to massage your baby for about 15 minutes before the bedtime every day for a month. Such massage helps babies relax, feel better, and sleep sound and longer without any concerns.

Improved sleep

Reduces Crying Time

Massage is quite effective in significant reduction in the crying time of newborns. After baby massage, infants feel better and this prevents them from crying.

Reduces Crying Time

Improves Mood And Emotions

Massage increases the levels of dopamine which are known to play a vital role in regulating aggression, mood, temperature, and appetite in addition to various other body functions. Infants receiving baby massage tend to be happy and healthy.

Improves Mood

Boost Immunity

Research reveals that baby massage influences physiological processes in babies positively and helps enhance immune function substantially. It makes infant more immune to various infections and ailments.

Boosts Immunity

Promotes Health

Baby massage stimulates elimination of toxins from the body. Also, it helps relieve abdominal gas within a few minutes and promotes digestion. A soothing massage also speeds up the natural processes of nervous system that aids with reflux. Thus, it promotes overall health of the baby.

Promotes Health

Reduces Stress Hormone Levels In Infants

Cortisol, the stress hormone, gets released during the times of stress. High levels of this stress hormone for a prolonged time decrease immunity, reduce muscle tissue and bone density, and impair cognitive performance. The baby massage decreases cortisol levels in infants as well as parents and enables heart rate, digestive processes, blood pressure, and hormonal levels to return back to the normal state.

Reduces stress Hormone

Relieves Chest And Sinus Congestion

A baby massage aids promote adequate drainage of sinuses as well as excessive mucus on the chest. This helps relieve chest and sinus congestion in the babies providing them relief.

Relieves chest and sinus congestion

By learning these seven great benefits, all parents should ensure that their infants receive a soothing baby massage for their overall well being.