Top 5 Razor Burn Treatment And Prevention

Razor Burn Treatment And Prevention

Whenever you are shaving your beard or shaving your legs or arms there is a chance of the cut through the razor, that you are using, it can give burn, irritation. This wound is so dangerous for the health as the razor has the iron rust which is  contaminated, so the blood can also get contaminated easily and this will lead to the titnes disease and sometime death happens due to this disease. We must ensure extra care and safety while shaving and if there will be any cut or burn then immediate treatment we should take. Here is the list of some of the treatment and the prevention of the razor burn-

Razor burn Prevention

Use Clean Razor

Beware of using the rusty razor always. Make sure that your razor is not in water as it get rust and also  dangerous bacteria. These bacteria will harm you and give burn or irritation. Whenever you are using the razor, clean it with the warm water. It is good to change the razor frequently. When you are shaving apply the even pressure on the razor.


Shave In The Direction Of The Hair Growth

It is the myth that we should shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth. We should always shave with the grain this will give us the close shave. Shave in the opposite direction will give the irritation and some time it will not shave the hair but snatch the hair and the root of the hair get damaged and this will give pain.

Use Fresh Razor For Shaving

Use A  Shaving Cream Or Gel

It has been observed men use soap or water for shaving but it is not recommended by the doctor, this will give irritation, improper shaving and wound also. Always use the shaving gel, cream or foam and leave it for some time, this will make the shave easy and also give the closet shave with no cut or burn. Try to use the shaving gel which has the moisturizing properties.

Shaving Cream with Aloe Vera And Cocoa Butter

Avoid Shaving Same Area Frequently

It has been seen in the young that they want close shave, for this they normally shave against the grains or shave again and again to the already shaven area. This will cause  damaged to the skin as the skin also get some what irritation on first shave so frequently shave give the burn and irritation. So we should stop this habit.

Avoid Shaving Same Area

Use Hot And Cold water

When you are going to shave your legs or arms then first apply hot water on the hair of the legs and leave this for some time. Then shave the skin and after that clean it with  cold water. This hot and cold treatment if very much useful for the skin. Hot water will loose the scalp and you will get the close shave while the cold water will remove the irritation and the burn. Cold water has the best properties to heal the  small wound.

Use Hot And Cold water

Razor Burn Treatment

Don’t Irritate The Shave Skin

When you have shaved, avoid apply any irritating products, this will  also give the burns or rashes to the skin. Never apply any deodorant or perfume to the shave skin. It is best to shave in the night. Avoid tights clothes and under wears after shaving.

Don't Irritate The Shave Skin

Apply After Shave Lotion

When you shave, your skin get contact with lots of the bacteria and these bacteria give skin burn, irritation. To remove the burns and kill all the bacteria use a proper after shave gel or cream it has been recommended that use the after shave gel of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has the best healing properties.

Apply After Shave Lotion

Avoid Dirty Clothes

Make sure that when you are going for shave in the barber shop, take your own towel with you. The towel of the barber is used for the other men skin also and it has lots of the bacteria, this will cause dangerous skin disease, also your blood can get contaminated.

Avoid Dirty Clothes


When we shave the moisturizer of the skin get remove. So we must apply the moisturizer on the shave area after shaving. After shaving the scalp of the hair will absorb almost all of the moisturizer this will nourishes the skin deeply and if there is any skin problem then it will easily get removed and our skin will glow also.


Apply Anti Burning Cream

While shaving if there will any cut or rashes then immediately apply any anti burning cream and if there is serious cut then consult to the doctor immediately. Rust wound is so dangerous take a injection of the tetanus in 6 months always.

Apply Anti Burning Cream