Top 5 Common Habits That Could Damage Your Liver

Common Habits That Could Damage Your Liver

The liver is one such essential organ which plays an effective role in the healthy functioning of the body. The food we consume is firstly processed by the liver before distributing it throughout the body. The liver has several functions to perform such as detoxifying blood, synthesizing proteins etc. It also has the power to regenerate. The liver can replace the damaged cells, but if more cells are lost, the functioning of liver slows down. The liver can get damaged by few bad habits and they might even lead to serious conditions. Also, there is no artificial liver or device that does the same functioning of the liver.

Here are the 5 common habits that can damage your liver


Smoking is one such bad habit you need to stop right away. The smoke of the cigarette does all the harm to the liver indirectly. Cigarette contains toxic substances that can slowly reach the liver and can cause oxidative stress on it which further damages the liver. The harmful chemicals slow down the functioning of the liver.

Excess Consumption Of Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol can damage the liver in the long run. This habit can decrease the ability of the liver to remove toxins from the body. Excess consumption of alcohol leads to inflammation and fatty liver disease. When the liver attempts to break down the alcohol consumed, the resulting reaction can damage the cells in the liver and in the long run this damage leads to a condition known as cirrhosis and permanent loss of the liver function.

Consumption Of Wine Or Alcohol
Depriving Of Sleep

Few studies have indicated that depriving of sleep causes oxidative stress on the liver. Sleep deprivation can also cause health concerns such as diabetes, obesity etc.

Too Much Usage Of Medicines

The major functioning of the liver is to break down compounds including medicines, herbs, or any food we eat. However, taking too much of medicines can harm the functioning of the liver. There are several drugs such as paracetamol, acetaminophen, and drugs for treating cancer etc. that harm the liver when taken in excessive doses.

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Poor Nutrition And Obesity

Poor nutrition and bad eating practices are linked to obesity which further causes too much of fat accumulation in the liver and can even lead to the non-alcoholic fatty liver condition. In obese people, the liver starts storing fats within it as it can’t process them or may be the liver couldn’t store it anywhere. Too much accumulation of the fat in the liver causes inflammation and might even damage the liver cells.