Top 4 Ways To Cure Milk Allergy In Kids

Top 4 Ways To Cure Milk Allergy In Kids

Top 4 Ways To Cure Milk Allergy In Kids Disease is something that is an integral part of every human being. Rather, it will be more suitable to say that disease is a common factor among every living being. It might be trivial ones, which are part and parcel of our everyday living or can be really major ones.

But, when disease affects our children, we get more and more tensed thinking that they are so tender that they might find it really difficult to cope up with diseases. Moreover, children have really weakened immunity as compared to adults. Consequently, it makes the illnesses and its symptoms more aggravated in cases of children.

Children not only get affected by diseases. But, there are certain products and things too that can develop various sorts of allergies in children. Parents of children who are prone to allergies of any kind, always try to keep the kids away from such ‘allergens’ or allergy causing agents, so that it does not affect them and put them down. These are various common allergens like dust, cold, heat, food products like egg plants, eggs, prawns etc. But, have you ever heard of milk allergy?

The whole idea of the fact that milk can cause allergy, and that too, in kids, seems fake, isn’t it? But, milk allergy is something from which lots of children suffer from. Even though this is quite true that the idea of ‘children love to drink milk’ is something impossible, but, there are children who develop allergic reactions whenever milk is given to them. At times, such allergies towards milk are so severe that milk products too, can cause allergies to such kids.

Now, some commonly asked questions on this matter will be what can be done to provide the child suffering from milk allergy with the adequate nutrients to compensate for this? Is substituting milk good from the diet of a kid? How can you know if your kid really suffers from milk allergy? Some easy solutions to all these questions are provided below.

Get a Clearer and Concrete Idea of Milk Allergy

Milk allergy is characterized by certain typical forms of allergies. Some of these are dysentery, indigestion, flatulence, vomiting, abdominal cramps, loose motion, skin eruptions, rashes, eczema etc. Get detailed information on the different types of allergies that are associated with milk allergy. You can get hold of informative websites, journals and magazines that might deal with the topic. You will get a clearer idea of the disease and the symptoms, along with the intensity of such symptoms.

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You will also get information on how to treat milk allergy and reduce the associated symptoms. In the process, it is essential to let you know that, by the word ‘milk allergy’, medical science points at any or a number of constituents of milk, which may develop allergic reactions in kids, when milk is consumed. Your collection of information must also focus on the constituents of milk, the reactions each of them can cause in children, how dangerous such reactions may be and how to get rid of them.

Identify The Allergies that Your Child Has

It might so happen that your kid can be a sufferer of chronic indigestion or constipation or any skin problems like skin rashes, reddening and swelling up of skin, etc. Make a list of all the chronic problems your kid has. Now, scrutinize each of them, one by one and try to think the cause behind such reactions. For instance, your kid may suffer from frequent occurrences of dysentery. In such cases, try to carefully examine if your child has affinity towards junk food and continues having such things almost everyday.

Or, if your child develops skin rashes all of a sudden, and on a repeated manner or he or she has regular stomach cramps, which has almost become chronic. But if you cannot find any substantial evidence behind such occurrences, then you can come to a conclusion that there is a hidden culprit that is behind all these and that is, milk.

Be Sure About Your Conclusion That Milk is Culprit

In order to be sure that the chronic health hazard that your kid suffers from, to which you cannot give an effective explanation, is nothing other than milk allergy, you can carry out a test yourself. Eliminate all the milk and milk products from your kid’s diet, for at least one week, in the beginning. Now, see if the similar health hazards persist in your child or not. In case if you can find a positive change, your findings will be successful. But, it may so happen that no results might show up in the first week.

In such cases, continue with the experimentation for another week. You are sure to show the results after this. But, if you still do not find any change, then, it is not milk allergy. Do remember, during this experiment you must exclude every milk product from your kid’s diet chart, such as even milk chocolates, toffee, cheese, butter, ready made beverages containing milk,  etc. or else your test will not show the true picture.

Substitute Other Dietary Nutrients in Your Kid’s Diet

It is definitely true that milk is important for growing children. But, if your kid is allergic to it, there is no point in continuing to give him or her milk and aggravating the child’s problems further. There are various other foods that work equally in providing kids with the nutrients they require. Increase the amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, and animal proteins in your kid’s diet, to compensate for the loss of nutrients from milk.

There are numerous health drinks from reputed brands, available in the markets too, that are devoid of milk in them. You can also try those with your kid. You can also switch to yet other options like soy milk or rice milk. Though these may not be equally nutritious like milk, but there I nothing harm in trying out something that may please your kids. You can also have a talk with the doctor or a dietician about the problems your child faces with the consumption of milk. Such skilled persons will help you in making a diet chart for your kid.