Top 3 Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Are you struggling to pick the perfect baby shower decorations to celebrate the impending arrival of your new baby girl? You have come to the right place. The article explores some of the unique and top shower themes for baby girls to make the whole experience fun-filled and exciting.

After deciding to conduct a baby shower, the first thing that should come to your mind is the kind of atmosphere and feel you want to create. You need to select a baby shower theme around which the party will be arranged. Invitations, decorations, return address labels, banners, favors and all other party supplies should carry this theme with poise. There are lots of party supplies featuring perfect girly colors and feminine styles.

Different Types Of Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Little Princess Baby Shower

Little Princess Baby Shower Theme For Girls

Selecting a princess-themed baby shower is apt and common since parents think of their impending bundle of joy as little princess when they realize that it is a girl. There is no better theme than that of princess to welcome the soon-to-be princess. Princess theme party supplies can be easily found online or from your local stores. Some necessary items to make a princess-themed baby shower wonderful are princess cakes, princess-themed plates and other utilities, princess diaper cakes, princess wall decals, centerpieces and princess bedding.

Do not forget to treat the expecting mother as the Queen and welcome her with a crown. You can decorate the party room as a stately ballroom. Dangle pink or lavender-colored tissue paper flowers, glittering stars and balloons all across the roof. You can hang many little princess wands also. Make a princess diaper cake and use it as a centerpiece. You can adorn princess cupcakes with mini tiara or wand on top. A beautiful princess onesie can be elegantly displayed for all the guests to sign. Heart and star shaped food items can be delightful.

Angel Baby Shower Theme

Angel Baby Shower Theme For Girls

This is another shower theme for baby girls as you cannot stop thinking about your baby girls as an angel coming down from heaven. Angel baby shower is sure to offer a heavenly atmosphere to the guests. Adhere to toned down and elegant decorations to stay true to the angelic theme.

Soft pink, ivory, white and tan tones should dominate the party scene. Dangling cute shapes of angels from the ceiling is an easy way to incorporate the theme. Angel-themed cake and angel themed shower favor are some other essentials. Flowers like lily of the valley and daisies can be bought in plenty to decorate the room gracefully.

Pretty Pink-Colored Baby Shower

Pretty Pink-Colored Baby Shower Theme For Girls

Probably the most popular girl baby shower theme revolves around pink-colored decorations. For many people it is like “think girl, think pink”. Pink balloons, pink ribbons and a pink table cloth are all common in a pink color-themed party. Using diverse tones and shades of pink or using accents of different colors can enhance the total ambiance.

White, yellow and lavender are some of the accent colors that blend well with pink. Splashing the room with pink ruffles is a great idea. Raffles are excellent in adding a charmingly girlish feel to the room. A handful of pink and frilly dolls can be dangled from the roof. Use pink-colored flowers abundantly in the party room to add to the girlish ambiance. You can use your creativity and go well beyond the basic pink girl and other common girlish themes. In keeping with your taste and budget preferences you can go for something sophisticated and elegant, cool and lighthearted, or magnificent and fabulous.

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