Top 20 Workout Tips of All Time

Workout Tips of All Time

Trends for physical fitness come and go, and have pushed the gym freak to opt for different exercise strategies. What have not changed, however are certain basics of any workout for achieving a fit and toned body. Making a few smart moves can boost your exercise goals to a big extent. Follow them and you just can’t go wrong in your journey for better fitness and weight loss.

Check out these 20 super-effective workout tips that are relevant through time and trends

Set Your Goals

It’s important to begin well and move in the right direction. Decide what fitness goals you want to achieve and by when, realistically. As quoted by Management experts, your goals should be ‘SMART’- Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant as well as time-bound!

Set a Goal

Get To The Core First

Working out the core muscles helps steel the body to perform and deal with challenging workouts. Strengthening the core is extremely important to achieve long term workout goals.

Get To The Core First

Get Going With Push Ups

Push-ups remain an all time popular exercise for the fact that at one go your core, lower and upper body get exercised. Include at least 10-15 reps of push ups in your workouts.


Increase The Range

Are you sticking to a single kind of workout routine and same kind of exercises? Add some range to exercises you’re performing in the gym and outside. Try cycling, walking, running, dancing and no-weight training etc, to include more type of muscles exercised and in different ways.

Increase The Range

Push Yourself To Exhaustion

While fitness goals should be practical and in tune with current fitness level, pushing yourself to exhaustion in short bursts of exercise sets helps maximize a workout. It builds endurance and works muscles well.

Push Yourself To Exhaustion

Work On Alternate Muscle Groups

The benefit of exercising to work out alternate or opposing muscle groups cannot be ignored. Work out one muscle group, like the chest followed by the back. Similarly alternate between pull-ups and pull downs, triceps and biceps, bicep curl with triceps press down.

Work On Alternate Muscle Groups

Make Your Run Challenging

Running at the same speed and same manner is boring and allows the body to adapt to the rhythm so it burns lesser calories. Add up to the run by power running with leg weights or alternate running at extremely high speed and lesser speed.

Make Your Run Challenging

Stay Focused

Staying focused is central to an effective workout. Focus on the workout days and allow the body to rest and eat what you like on cheat days. Cover up slip ups by doing extra reps of missed exercises over next few sessions.

Focusing On External Appearance Only

Squat It Out

Squats target the back and butt muscles and build endurance. Include them in the workout to improve balance and strength. Learn different squat-exercises and perform 2 reps of at least three in one session.


Don’t Avoid Carbs

Carbohydrates are required for the body to refuel up on and manage an energy consuming workout. Stick to modest portion sizes and unsaturated fat like nuts and almonds.

Consume Less Carbohydrate

Give Up On Spot Reduction Efforts

Remember, you cannot exercise specific body areas for spot-reduction results. Rather, plan a full body workout though you can keep a big chunk of exercise-time to target specific muscles.

Spot Reduction Efforts

Do Household Chores

If you’re avoiding household chores you’re missing out on an easy way of working out. Shovel the snow out, clean up the garden, do the dishes and other house jobs for that extra calorie burn.

Watering the Garden

Distribute Your Workout Regimen

Don’t limit exercise to one big workout session. Go for workouts or different physical activities through smaller time-slots spread over the day. Make sure you do at least one intense cardiovascular exercise session.

Distribute Your Workout Regimen

Get Some Rest

Experts feel that if you rest between exercising two alternate or opposing muscle groups, you get better results than performing a superset without rest. Adequate sleep is also important as it allows the muscles to recover.

Proper Rest

Plan Your Post-Workout Drink

Post workout, the brain subconsciously reaches out for a replacement of calories burnt. Refilling glycogen needs with a carb-loaded ‘post-workout’ drink is a smart way of avoiding heavier, overloaded foods.

Plan Your Post-Workout Drink

Monitor Progress

Maintain and manage a daily checklist of exercises done, food slip ups etc to stay on track, motivated and gauge your workout routine in perspective.

Monitor Progress

Pay Attention To Your Diet

Make sure to have your daily quota of water, greens, fiber and protein distributed through a minimum of five small meals. Keep your supply of supplements like soy, caseinate proteins, recovery formulas, multivitamins, natural whey, yogurt, tofu, electrolytes etc handy.

Resorting To Fat-free Diet

Stretch And Tone

A workout is incomplete without proper stretching and toning exercises. Plan the workout so to include at least 3-4 stretches and toners.

Forward Stretching 1

Go Functional

Functional training helps work out many muscles at once burning a lot more calories than a conventional workout. Go for small reps of functional moves like Burpee and the Frog first, increasing later.

Talk to Others, Stay Motivated

Don’t keep to yourself, talk to the personal trainer and others you meet in the gym or outdoor areas where you exercise. Socializing while working out is a great way to exchange ideas and remain motivated.