Top 15 Dating Advice For Guys

dating tips

dating tips Dating is all about mood and ambiance. However, creating a good and positive mood is really a challenging task, while women differs in their perspectives and preferences drastically. If  handled with care, the dating experience could pave way for the excellent understanding and love between you and your girl friend. There are some aspects, which are often neglected by men on dating, which in turn, creates a vague impression on them. There are some minor things that gives great results.

Dating Tips For Guys

Be Punctual

One of the crucial aspects that most women usually overlook is punctuality. So, avoid keeping your date waiting at all costs.

Be Presentable

If not too fashionable, at least dress up in clean clothes and look presentable, when on date.

Be Yourself

It is best to admit it if you are feeling nervous. It is really charming to share your problems and fears. It makes you more likable.

Enjoy the Fun

Do not kill the fun and joy of going on a date by making everything hectic with your behavior, demands and attitude. Keep it fun as far as possible.

Maintain the Body Posture

While in conversation, stand and sit straight. It shows that you are strong, confident and it will add to your personality.

maintain poisture

Show Concern

The best idea to impress your beloved is to show concern for them. So focus on each others interests and  hobbies and plan your date revolving around it.

Make them Feel Comfortable

Try to know about her likes and dislikes and act accordingly. Ensure that she never feels alienated while spending time with you. Psychological comfort would eventually increase your intimacy.

Be Courteous

Simple courtesies such as holding doors, pulling out a chair, minding your language can do wonders for the date.

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Maintain the Limit

Never cross your limits when on a date. Take it easy with alcohol and drink only as much as you can handle. This would show that you are self-controlled and well-mannered.

Plan in Advance

Plan in advance for your date, so as to make everything comfortable.  Take out the time to choose, what will be liked and enjoyed by your date.

Get into a Healthy Conversation

Converse as much as possible, as you both are supposed to get acquainted to each other before proceeding into a relationship. Conversation would pave way for an intimate relationship and also, gives the feeling of security.

Do not Overact

 Do not overdo chivalry. It can make her think that you treat her like a helpless little girl. Some women do not like the men who act too smart.

Be Restricted

Touching her without permission can offend her. It can spoil everything. So, touch her only after establishing certain chemistry. You need to win confidence of her. Then rest of the things will take care of itself.

Know Your Partner

Take  long walks, holding hands along the beach at night. Make a conscious effort to know your partner and let your feelings be known. This develops a good rapport and understanding between you and your partner.

Make her Feel Good

Discuss open-ended topic and leave her with the freedom of choice. This will make her feel relaxed and make her think that she is leading. This in turn, would definitely develop the positive environment.