Top 12 Essentials For Newborn Baby

Essentials For Newborn Baby

Essentials For Newborn Baby Arrival of a baby is the most cherishable and delightful moment for any couple who wants to experience the essence of parenthood. But to travel through the joyous journey of parenthood, a couple needs to do a lot of planning and preparation for the newborn. But most of the young and inexperienced wannabe parents does not know where and how to begin the necessary preparation to welcome their ‘bundle of joy’.

Though preparation and planning for the arrival of a baby is little different compared to doing the same for other events, it not very difficult. Most importantly, you need to stock up nursery and baby equipments before your little one arrives. Are you confused what to add in your baby shopping list? Here is a list of must-have baby essentials that you will need right from day one.

Essentials For Newborn Baby

Child Car Seat

Child car seat is the first equipment that you will need to take your baby home for the first time after birth if you have a car. Choosing a group 0+ car seat would be a wise decision than buying carry-cots or lie-flat as group 0+ car seat provide better support. Child car seat will also help you in the long run to drive your baby to hospital and physicians in the occasion of general checkups. But before selecting one you should ensure that it fits perfectly in your car seat.

Baby Cot or Bed

Your baby will need crib, a cot or a moses basket to sleep for initial months. Though Cribs are expensive but they are helpful to make your baby sleep as they generate rocking motion.

baby cot

Cots are available in many shapes and sizes, it is up to you to decide which one will suit your pocket as well as your bedroom. Moses baskets are cozy and warm sleeping bed for babies that are lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. But they can only be used for first few months.

Baby Bedding 

Stock up with bottom sheets, top sheet, and blankets (thin or thick depending on the climate of the place where you live). Preferably buy 3 sets of these items so that you have enough of them while replacing them for hygiene. You will also need quilts, duvets and pillows when your baby is one year old but not soon after birth as it’s not recommended using for infants.

Pram and Pushchair

Pushchairs are mostly used for young babies while prams can be used till the baby is two to three years. Some parents use prams for even five years old depending on their convenience. Select a pushchair or pram according to your mode of transport.

push chair

If you mostly use public transport then consider their weight as lifting them most of the time is difficult. And if you travel by car then buy a pram which can be easily dismantle to fit in the boot space of your car.

Baby Carriers

Sometime small babies do not like to lie down on pram or pushchair. They seek for mother’s touch and closeness. In this cases baby carriers like slings are helpful. Babies feel comfortable and close to parents and do not trouble much when you are out. But before picking one, ensure that the back part of the carrier is high enough to support the head as young babies have soft head and need good support. Moreover, check the buckle and straps that they are working properly.

Baby Clothes

During the initial months of the development, babies grow very fast. So you need be ready with enough clothes for first few weeks. Stock up with few stretch suits, nightdresses, socks, vests, hats for summer and winter clothes like cardigans, baby shawl or blanket, woolen hat, mittens, and socks or bootees for clod climate.

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Nappies and Towels

Nappies are the most important baby essential as without these you will end up cleaning the bed sheets all through the day. Nappies are available in two types disposable and washable.

Nappies and Towels

Choosing between these two is a bit tricky. You can just try using both of them and then select the one which suits you as well as your baby the best. However, disposable nappies are more easy to use when you are going out of home. Also, make sure that you have enough good quality soft towels in your stock while going out or at home.

Changing Mat or Changing Table

There are many nappy changing mats and unit available in the market. With the raised sides, changing mats helps to prevent your baby from turning other side while changing nappy. Changing tables give a comfortable waist height ensuring a hassle free nappy changing process.

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes are used soon after a nappy is changed to clean the skin surface. So you will need baby wipes till your baby is using nappies. Select good quality wipes which are gentle and soft on skin.

Baby Bottles

baby bottles

You will need baby bottles when you are not breast feeding your baby. Baby bottles come with teats to feed babies when they are on infant formula milk and expressed breast milk. So, stock in with few bottles and teats for feeding your baby.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitor is a life saver for many parents. They help parent to keep an eye on their baby when they are not in the same room where the baby is sleeping or playing. They can hear the sound and virtually see the baby with the help of video camera and radio system. Some baby monitors also come fitted with two-way communication option that enables parents to talk to the baby from other room so that the baby feels that they are around.

First Aid Kit

Though we will have first aid kit at home, it is better to add up few things that are useful for babies in your first aid kit. Few of them are infant thermometer, infant liquid pain reliever, oral syringe or calibrated cup or spoon for giving medicines, small roller bandage, mild liquid soap and antibacterial cream.