Top 10 Simple Dietary Swaps Health

Simple Dietary Swaps Health

It is a popular myth that for healthier living we have to ditch our regular fruits and vegetables and instead opt for fancy, ‘organic’ foodstuffs which are not easily available as well as are a bit expensive for our pockets. It is about time that we get rid of this rather absurd myth and start believing certain facts. In our normal course of life also if we make some simple dietary and lifestyle changes, it can really do wonders to our health. So let’s see what healthy swaps we can make in order to enjoy a healthier living without causing a pinch to our pockets.

These Are Simple Dietary Swaps Health

Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Butter

So many of us like and yearn of that extra dollop of butter on our food. It makes the otherwise boring food taste yum. But that extra dollop of butter is a major cause of blood pressure, cholesterol, hypertension and such heart related ailments. Instead of butter, go in for extra virgin olive oil. By now you must be well aware of the diverse health benefits of olive oil. Olive oil is rich in Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids along with Vitamin E and K which are required by our body. Further, olive oil also helps in substantially reducing the chances of diabetes, cancer, arthritis and such other severe health problems.

extra virgin olive oil

Healthy Snacks For Junk Food

Our life revolves around pizzas, burgers, chips, ice creams, shakes, doughnuts, wraps and rolls. These foods are very tasty, too hard to resist as well as light on the pocket. However, they are not at all healthy and give you ‘zero’ or rather ‘negative’ nutritional value. They give rise to medical problems like obesity, depression, diabetes and may also result in the poor functioning of the brain. Instead of junk food, go in for some healthier options like fresh fruits, instead of fried foods, go for roasted, in chocolates opt for dark chocolate, for cookies opt for oatmeal cookies, fresh fruits instead of canned or tinned fruits and so on and observe the change.

Healthy And Delicious Snacks For Spring And Summer

Dried Herbs And Spices For Salt

We don’t realize this, but most of us consume salt in much greater proportion than what is required for our body. Our body requires less than even a teaspoon of it and we consume in multiple quantities of it. Having more quantity of salt in our daily diet can result in causing water retention thereby leading to bloating. Apart from this, salt is also responsible for high blood pressure, kidney as well as heart related ailments. Instead of this opt for some herbs like cinnamon, clove, parsley, sage, cilantro, cumin, nutmeg, cardamom etc which will give you flavor as well as enhance the taste of your food.


Fish For Red Meat

Red meat includes sheep, ducks, goats and geese. While these types of meats have a higher percentage of protein in them, they also contain high content of saturated fats. An Increase in the intake of saturated fats leads to obesity. Apart from this, they can also cause diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and so on. Therefore, instead of consuming red meat, try going in for something healthier like fish. Varieties of cold fish like salmon, sardine, tuna, herring, mackerel, anchovies etc will provide you with the much required omega 3 fatty acids thereby helping in lowering of blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels as well as protect against the chances of cancer, depression etc.

Fatty Fish

Organic For Non Organic

As per one of the research studies undertaken at Stanford University, USA, organic foods is less harmful as compared to their non organic counterparts. This is because organic foods are comparatively less exposed to harmful to pesticides and are thus, less harmful to our health. So keep a weekly visit to the nearby farmer’s market and get fresh fruits and vegetables instead of going to a mall.

organic foods

Water For Flavored Drinks

Fizzy and sweetened drinks have nothing but just soda in them, which does no good to your health. These beverages, if consumed on a regular basis can lead to obesity as well as kidney and liver problems and disorders, diabetes and so on. But in place of such drinks if you opt for water, it will give you immense health benefits like helping in losing weight, treating constipation and digestion problems if any as well as flushes out toxins from the body. So go natural.

Drinking Water By A Straw

Green Tea For Coffee

Almost all of us love our daily dose of coffee without which we can’t begin our day. But coffee causes dehydration, results in insomnia and makes us feel restless or anxious all the time. Apart from this, having an excess dose of coffee can also lead to increase in cholesterol levels, ulcers, blood pressure etc. Go for green tea instead. Green tea, as you may be aware, is not only an antioxidant, but is also gifted with anti-inflammatory as well as antiviral characteristics. Green tea can help in lowering both blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels, makes the brain alert, helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of cancer.

Basic Green Tea Brew For Anti Aging

Oats For Cereals

One of the easiest to prepare and readily available breakfast option, we have cereals thinking that they are healthy. But this is again a popular misconception. But these cereals are packed with added sugar, flavors and grains, which are refined and hence are without any nutritional value. Instead of these cereals, go for oats, which contain sufficient quantities of proteins, fibers, omega 3 fatty acids along with certain antioxidants. All these nutrients help in reducing cholesterol levels, promote weight loss, lower blood pressure levels and improves overall immunity.

Oats With Dry Fruits

Whole Grains For Refined Grains

Present as an essential ingredient in any diet, grains are something without which our diet is incomplete. But what we use are refined grains, which after extraction are taken to a factory and worked on and processed in such a manner that they lose their nutritional value. Whole grains, on the other hand are rich in nutrition as the ‘bran’ part of it is still there. So instead of opting for any white foods, like white sugar or white rice, etc, opt for its brown substitutes like brown sugar and brown rice. They will go a long way in protecting your health.

Whole Grain and Non -Processed Foods

Avocado For Mayonnaise

Many of us insist that we get a generous amount of mayonnaise helping in our sandwiches or rolls or burgers. But we often forget that mayonnaise consists of egg yolks, oil, lemon juice and vinegar. Most of these ingredients are not good for our health and result in piling those unwanted kilos of weight which are difficult to get rid of. Added weight again brings with it a lot of medical problems. Avoid this. Opt for avocados, which contain as many as 25 nutrients. Regular intake of avocados helps in protection of the brain and the heart, prevents arthritis and cancer, helps in proper digestion and also gives a natural glow to the face.